'We won't leave Fort sports in the cold'

Sports events large and small are regularly held at Fort Regent, such as the World Open Kenpo Karate Championships. Picture: MATTHEW HOTTON

CONSTABLE Steve Pallett has moved to reassure sports groups based at Fort Regent following news that the ailing facility could be closed.

The assistant minister at Economic Development, who has responsibility for sport, says the building, which is home to numerous sports clubs and associations, could be shut if the States of Jersey are unable to find a suitable solution to fund much-needed renovations.

There is also the possibility that a private investor could change the use of the Fort, meaning clubs would have to be relocated.

Pallett says alarm bells should be ringing for all users of Fort Regent, and indeed the wider Jersey public, but he claims that if sports clubs and associations are forced to vacate the building, alternative facilities will be found.

Full report in Friday's JEP.



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