Rugby postponed

Today's Championship Division rugby match between Jersey and Nottingham has been postponed because of the condition of the pitch.

Captain Nicky Griffiths
Captain Nicky Griffiths

Today's Championship Division rugby match between Jersey and Nottingham has been postponed because of the condition of the pitch.

Despite the first day of sunshine for weeks, the Nottingham side were unhappy at the state of the St Peter ground and it was agreed that the game would be postponed.

Jersey coach Ben Harvey had been hoping to see his side gain their revenge for a heavy defeat by Nottingham 48-16 in October.

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Comments for: "Rugby postponed"


Jersey must have known for days that the pitch was US. They relied on the fact that Nottingham would play on a substandard training pitch and allow Jersey to turn it into a bun fight. Sorry you got it wrong.

Punk in Drublic

Having seen the ITV footage from Rob Jones' report here...

... I think I can see the point of view from the Nottingham perspective. Even the Bolt would have had the acceleration properties of a striking slug in some places. I'm no expert but I can't really see a ruck, maul or lineout - let alone a scrum - holding up in those conditions.

Mylo, other JRFC staff and volunteers worked tirelessly in preparation for the game, so full credit to them all for their hardwork and conscientious approach.

On another note, there were rumblings that the referee may have been bullied into calling off the game, by Nottingham. Albeit that this may be speculation, rumour and inuendo, I fail to understand how two previous pitch inspections were passed by the official/s, then not passed an hour before the game.

Apparently - again according to the rules/laws of the game, of which I have no knowledge without deploying a well known search engine - it was then down to a decision of the Captain or Coach as to whether or not they wanted to play. We all know what the answer was...

To the uninititated, the decision came across as "we don't want to compete against the Jersey pack as we know we'll be on a loser, so we'll use a tactical approach and decline to play, as we want a firm pitch for fast open play that suits us".

Well sorry Nottingham, but as I overheard one miffed spectator say "it's a winter sport, get on with it" Quite right too in my view!

So Ben, perhaps the rest of this weekend should be spent finalising contracts for the guys. We - I hope I speak for the majority of supporters - don't want to see the guys hopping on the end of season boat!

Final point regarding the pitch debacle - I'm sure most of you saw the inside cover of the Rugby World December edition. Mylo's recently developed ability to breath underwater would have been a game winner there!!