Jersey takes spotlight at sports awards

IT was celebration time for Jersey at the Channel Islands Sports Awards of 2012, at Beau Séjour, last night.

Last night's awards were held in Guernsey
Last night's awards were held in Guernsey

IT was celebration time for Jersey at the Channel Islands Sports Awards of 2012, at Beau Séjour, last night.

Althouth the glittering evening’s crowning moment was the announcment of Sark’s Olympic equestrian star Carl Hester as winner of the Sports Personality of the Year, Jersey pulled in the majority of the other awards.

Read all about Jersey's success at last night's event in today's JEP.

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Comments for: "Jersey takes spotlight at sports awards"

Bob Fleming

Some bloke poncing about on a horse gets more votes than Lee Merrien and Heather Watson - I sense something fishy here.


Yes that bloke on the horse from the tiny island won a gold medal at the Olympics. Something which few Jersey islanders have ever done, let alone someone from Sark! Go do one.

Horse Person

Many of us from Jersey and Guernsey have met Carl Hester and know he deserved his gold medal. Not only did he ride and train his horse he trained and supported Charlotte to win her two gold medals on the horse he part owns.

This is far more difficult than running or many of the other sports - I know I try to do the same!

Bob Fleming

Okay, I didn't mean any offense to Carl Hester and I'm sure he's probably a sound bloke, but let's think about this for second.

Don't be blinded by Olympic Gold Medals. Sure, he's reached the pinnacle in his sport (and I don't take anytthing away from him for that), but how many people actually take part in equestrian? 0.01% of the World's population maybe? It is a minority of minority sports, so by definition it's less competitive than the vast majority of other sports, especially athletics and tennis.

Horse Person; seeing as equestrian is far more difficult than running, presumably you've beaten Lee Merrien easily then?


Well done Carl Hester. A fantastic achievement.

@ Bob Fleming. I'm sure you too are a 'sound bloke' but since when did perceived popularity of a sport secure awards? If that was the case football players would win everything all the time. It's not X-factor!

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