Narrow defeat for start of 2013

Jersey Rugby Club's hopes of a winning start to 2013 in the Championship were dashed by the narrowest of margins this afternoon.

Nathan Hannay
Nathan Hannay

Jersey Rugby Club's hopes of a winning start to 2013 in the Championship were dashed by the narrowest of margins this afternoon.

Playing away, the Island side were defeated by Moseley 19-23, despite an inspired comeback in the second half.

Trailing 6-13 at half time, the Jersey team allowed the opposition to extend their lead until, with the score at 23-9 to Moseley, Jersey scored two tries in quick succession.

But with just minutes to go until the final whistle, the Islanders were unable to close the four-point gap and had to settle for a consolation losing bonus point for the close score.

It was Jersey's  second Championship defeat to Moseley this season, adding to the pressure to stay in this division.

• Full report in Monday's Jersey Evening Post.

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Comments for: "Narrow defeat for start of 2013"


Oh dear! I think it's time that Ben Harvey is replaced. He has shown that he couldn't manage Pertemp Bees at this level and its showing again with Jersey. He has done a superb job for Jersey rugby, but its time some fresh blood is brought in to try and save the season.



That's a ridiculous comment. The team is simply struggling to cope with the big gulf between National League and the Championship.


Agree with Tech. Need to stop the rot before it becomes terminal. Losing, like winning, can become a habit and clearly somrthing has to change. I too belive the coach is out of his depth at this level.

Pip Clement

I am not an expert on rugby but I think that the team is struggling to make it in the Championship which is a lot tougher than the National League.

If Jersey was doing OK in the middle of the league I would probably not be listening on the radio but the battle to avoid relegation and stay in the Championship is nail biting stuff and I have listened to every game including a few on the internet when I have been out of the island.

Go on lads, do us proud and survive in the Championship this year, you can start winning next year!


If Ben Harvey had spent money on 4 top quality players rather than 8-10 players that are out of their depth at this level or not wanted by their old clubs due to injury or lack of form, the results may be different.

The players are ultimately responsible for performances but they won't give their all for Jersey if they don't respect the manager or have any loyalty or heart for the island.

Jersey need a player of the quality of Sam Tuia, a few more local boys and a manager that the players respect and will give their all for.


Jimbo - Unfortunately in professional sport when a team is doing badly something needs to change. Look at QPR.

It's great that Jersey are at this level and its nail biting and great stuff if your a neutral but as a Jersey fan and a former player (I played for JRFC even attended Ben training sessions when he first came over before going off to uni) I really want Jersey to stay up. If it means replacing the coach then that's what should happen. Ben has done a great job, but as I have said before he can't mange at this level, he sacked the Jersey forwards coach (who was on the winning side on Saturday) and what difference did that make? ok we won against leeds but we lost again, no difference. He did the same thing at Pertemp Bees sack a coach and look what happened there. If a new coach comes in the players will probably respect them, be motivated and playlike they should be.

Anon - I will message Sam Tuia see if he will come back :)


@ Anon: More local players? That would make the team worse? Its a romantic thought but local players are not going to be of the standard. Aston Villa tried it and they are struggling!


A Moseley preception: Quote:

Great atmosphere at the Common on Saturday no doubt due to the palpable tension among the two sets of supporters. Must say that the Jersey folk were some of the friendliest I've had the pleasure to meet and they supported their team to the end. When the final whistle went those around me sportingly acknowledged that Mose were worth the win over the 80 minutes. Shame that their coach was not quite so magnanimous though.....

"I think we're a better side than Moseley but you've got to go out and do it on a Saturday afternoon."

Message for you somewhere in there mate in that you have tried twice and come up short on both occasions, been outscored by 23 points and 6 tries to 4 over the two games. I'd open my other eye if I were you and start focusing on improving my own side else you may well be looking for another job sometime soon.

AN Other

Hmm... I'm also beginning to wonder if BH has reached his tactical capacity...

Apart from that - go on boys :)