Ferguson, Sarah

[election table="candidate" key="sarah-ferguson"] Name: Sarah Ferguson Age: 66 Place of birth: Manchester

Address: Le Mont Sohier, St Brelade

Family: One son, Sam

Education: Manchester University: Bsc (Tech) in electrical engineering; Columbia University Graduate School of Business, New York: MBA; Institution of Electrical Engineers: CEng, MIEE, Eur.Ing.

Employment: Sitting Deputy since 2002; previously worked extensively in finance industry as both practitioner and supervisor with the JFSC; Centenier for St Brelade; As Deputy in 2002, served on Health Committee and Shadow Public Accounts Committee; on re-election in 2005, elected as chairman of Public Accounts Committee and subsequently chairman of the Chairmen's Committee for Scrutiny Panels.

Hobbies/interests: Hon treasurer of JSPCA; member of St Brelade’s twinning association; director Biarritz Hotel;a gricultural and general contributor to La Baguette (parish magazine); aviation (gained a private pilot's licence in 70s); travel; anything to do with computers; technology in general; reading; gardening; music….and shopping

Election platform:

I am seeking an island wide mandate to take forward the measures which are vital for the control of public expenditure and to make the States more cost effective. We need good planning and stricter budgetary controls, better allocation of resources between departments and better management information. We have neglected the need to take proper care of the infrastructure and maintenance of properties. Budgeting is treated as a game. There will need to be a change in thinking by the States and I would like to take a part in achieving this.

These are not easy economic times and we must have the best financial management and control possible to give the firm financial foundation necessary to provide the services needed by the Island This will enable us better to support those who need that support and to maintain the level of prosperity for all Islanders. There are at least £30 Million of annual savings and efficiencies we can make in the medium to long term. This will require tough decisions and I want to involve the public in the debate. An all island mandate will give me the support I need to make sure that the new Assembly faces up to the actions required.

Proposers: Enid Quénault, Alan Rabet, Peter Luce, John Gready, Reginald Jeune, Maria Vieira, Thomas Perchard, Daphne Minihane and Marie-Louise Backhurst.

Nomination speech:

SARAH Ferguson, who has been a Deputy for the last six years, was active and vocal and had an impressive track record, said proposer Enid Quénault. Deputy Ferguson has been chairman of the Public Accounts Committee for the past three years and was also a Constable’s Officer and a Centenier. The proposer said that Deputy Ferguson, a chartered engineer, would push for better financial management and control when it came to spending taxpayers’ money. Mrs Quénault said the Deputy would continue to fight injustice, unfairness, inefficiency and extravagance wherever she found it. She also wanted to tackle the high cost of doctors’ visits and wanted more emphasis placed on teaching basic skills in schools. The proposer said that if Islanders wanted a candidate with a good and proven track record who had considerable ability and integrity and who is a good researcher and listener, then they should vote for Deputy Ferguson.

Contact details:

E-mail: sarah@sarahferguson.net

Tel: 743625 Mobile: 07797 732891

Website: www.sarahferguson.net