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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

New waste charge costs announced

Sotte Voce

"Well, Aerial View, there are taxes paid by smokers that are not paid by non-smokers, so what is the relevance to motorists and cyclists?"

None whatsoever would seem to be the answer.

The better...

Finbarr Saunders

Very good point dot. I didn't realise that people could buy fuel off road that was free of road related impositions (taxes and duties).

So if I get this right, if you want to use a car off road the...


Aerial V, case our friend raises his point about the "car running in the drive", it should also be added that road tax free fuel is available for off road use. A number of outlets sell the...

Aerial View

Bob your post does not make sense. When a cycles is used on the roads there is no need for petrol and no tax paid. When a car is used on the roads unless electric requires petrol which is taxed, whils...

Sotte Voce

Yes, Finbarr, we have had a lot of trolling from Bob on another thread. He does like to derail a discussion and troll all over it.

The various impositions which are paid by motorised road users are...

'Help find car park hit-and-run driver'


I was hoping for a better response from Bob, but sadly he's gone back into insult mode, even including some sort of sexual reference, it would seem. His mind must be a most dark and unpleasant place.


Sotte Voce

I am so glad that you find so much pleasure in trolling on here Bob.

It makes a refreshing change from Diggers multiple profiles and his tissue bank.

I wonder why you get equally excited every t...


I am so glad that you find so much pleasure in trolling on here Sotte.

It makes a refreshing change from Diggers multiple profiles and his tissue bank.

I wonder why you get equally excited every...

Sotte Voce

He's still repeating his misreading, Dot.

The claim "Vehicle registration is a valuable means of detecting crime" makes no sense to the Bobtroll, who simply deliberately misreads and then repeats a...


Still cant provide an example.

And now resorting to comments about "the moderator".

Its rather sad how you cannot even respond in a sensible manner.

Vehicle registration cannot detect crime.

Five Jersey eyesores - how did this happen?

Squawkie L Pelican

JEP declare WAR on signs, because in the olden days we all knew where we were, there were no speed limits, pixie were waiting for you at the end of cult de sacs to magic you to you destination, touris...


Green is the colour,Guernsey is our name ,when the mist comes down, we do not see

you, 0 what a shame.

Hic Hic Hic


Normans frontage Jag, French firm i am told , by 2020 flats by Dandara .

Letter to the Editor: Most young people don’t need to go to university


From Sheelagh Le Cocq

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Someone with sense - absolutely spot on - get in the States quick, sorry on second thoughts probably too well educated for the BigOuse !!!


Totally bang on. I know so many idiots who took History of Art as it was the only course they could get on. Bring back real skills and hands on expertise. Invest in kids who might not get great exam r...


Totally agree. Media studies and any literature degrees for that matter are of no benefit in degree form. A good background of schooling and work experience is what brings that degree without 3 years ...

good evans

At last somebody who talks sense. Many parents seem to feel obliged to send their children off to university and many of them have no idea what they want to do. They then may come back to Jersey wit...

Concerned citizen

I couldn't have put it better myself, and believe me I have tried every time this subject is raised.

As an employer who do you think I would give a job to :

Candidate A : Has a degree in Modern...

UK body to review finance district plans

Tim South

Quote: From the original Jerseydevelopment web site ( plans now amended and removed )

Esplanade Quarter masterplan provides for a mixed use development comprising " 620,000 sq.ft " of office accomo...

karaoke joe

A critical friend . Is this the title of a new book ?. Now Steve ! how much are we the overburdened Taxpayers paying this UK charity ?

Arfa Synic

Yet another huge bill heading in our direction!!! I'm sure we must be the laughing stock in the "consultant" industry.


"the original Masterplan included plans for a new hotel..." That is the first I have heard of any plans for a hotel. I sat on a panel which was set up (under the then Planning Minister) to look at...

£444,990 car on a St Aubin forecourt


also... like most cars on this island the indicators dont work.!


Thanks for the update. I'll look out for what ever prat or pratess buys this and can't reverse down a lane and who have a cool low number plate!!!!

Student loans group welcome Reform Jersey funding plans


Realist. Re Point 1. You are incorrect on this area, now if a student fails a course or withdraws from a course, or if parents declare incorrect information on their income, all of the money granted i...


1. The Jersey university grant system is already means restricted and that is part of the problem.For instance, those grant aided students that do not complete their degree, do not have to pay it back...


I really don't understand parents now...we put our kids through private education costing thousands a year..then uni afterwards,we've given up loads for our kids,when I add up the amount of money spen...


The group since it formed aboyt 2 1/2 years ago a system that allows all that have ability and desire to obtain a Higher Education the opportunity to do so. That it should be a fair and equal system. ...

Finding Me:Mo

"Never heard of them"

I suppose the warm weather means that you don't need to wear socks with your sandals, and don't have the necessary memory trigger. A cruel affliction is EOD.

JEP Opinion: The black hole of communication


When I read the JEP headline that Senator Gorst’s government had closed the forecast black hole I couldn’t understand why I felt angry instead of delighted. Once I started to think about it, I beg...

Chief Minister backs homes on nursery site

Finding Me:Mo

So the new power that Chief Minister has is to usurp the Minister for the Environment and then impose collective responsibility ? Why bother with a Council of Ministers or even the States themselves j...

Letter to the Editor: 'We live in an island that has a great future, and we should seize it'


From Senator Philip Ozouf

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Squawkie L Pelican

Come to think of it. Is there anybody who doesn't read this codswallop with a degree of cynicism. Be it a wry smirk or outright contempt. Ozouf is deluded if he thinks that anyone feels inspired by th...


make sure its not the "condor cancellation" otherwise he will never leave.! !

karaoke joe

My Dear Phil.

Your ship is sailing,can you please be on it. Oh and please do not try yet again to fool we the people of Jersey. TTFN

Tim South

IN the recent past Phillip Ozouf as treasury minister said:

1) Only the States can provide desperately needed grade " A " office space.

2) This development will only go ahead if the tenants w...