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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Infrastructure Levy ‘could add £13,000 to cost of new home’

Shoot to Thrill

Surprised they haven't introduced a form of CGT on properties to date.

Make a fortune.

Sotte Voce

You should know, Bob, you sad little man!

Aerial View

It was quite some time ago MOB but what I meant was that taxes are not hypothecated which means that it cannot be specifically spent on roads , whatever politicians might have promised .


You forgot to change your user profile, Sotte.

Having so many profiles, your bound to slip up every so often.

Sotte Voce

In all fairness, it does resemble what you wrote, Bob, namely that the tax take is not spent specifically on roads, such is the governmental stance towards ring fencing such taxes.

Letter to the Editor: Is St Aubin's 'shared space' an accident waiting to happen?


From Peter Judge

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this must be a prime case for health and safety........when we have the first a cyclist coming to grief or a child climbing and slipping on the spikes...we will hear the usual excuse (les...

Aerial View

These areas are so dangerous . At the bottom of Wellington hill the road has had a similar type of road material put in place of tarmac but it is still part of the road . It is not a pedestrian crossi...

Grumpy Git

If they wanted to waste money by paving over the road (with the 'God' granite) and suggesting it's a pavement. They could have used the dark and light granite in a pattern to suggest a Zebra crossing ...


I do not use that segment, for the reasons you stated , i join and come off at La Haule.

I have had some people ask why i am not on cycle path and when i explain they have


I only do thi...


There also needs to be a better way to go through there as a cyclist, including around the corner as well (near the cafe and beyond), pedestrians and cyclists have to share far too small a pavement.


‘Spare others from this pain’


When i was bit of lad and earning good money in the 80s i had one of the first mobiles a couple of grand then... totally addicted to them.. if i left somewhere it felt like id lost my kids at Disney l...


I am starting to see the injustice of the prosecution case relating to this incident. Recent cases involving high speed deaths resulted in changes in the law, and it was only a matter of time that t...

constables out

Why does everyone have to answer their phone immediately, it has a message service that tells you who called & at what time so whats the rush, pull over at nearest convenient spot if its an urgent...

Man faces jail for cocaine smuggling


Not for five years make it life we don't want this rubbish in our Island.Ban all direct flights from Liverpool would also be a good idea.


Deport him ,and he should not be allowed in for five years, that is if he has no

family here .

The bloke needs help, if using cocaine, here or Liverpool.

Developers face new charges to pay for local projects


When they do up the old school in his parish, i hope a shrink has a office there ,he

needs to be checked on , that sermon in the chamber the other day, was it

written on his boots, bloke who does no...

Squawkie L Pelican

Elected unopposed, so tough, you're stuck with him until someone else goes for Deputy of St Martin and wins the election.

Another one that doesn't want government reform because it might mean compe...

Shoot to Thrill

It can only be stretched by borrowing ratios and lenders' optimism.


hopefully when all the sensible voters have cast their votes, next year "this Looney" will be in the bin with all the others!!

Squawkie L Pelican

Stealth tax... boooo

On people that can afford it.... yay!

Shirley Bassey superfan facing ticket heartbreak



Sorry, this is the headline in our local paper? I can think of worse events going on at the moment.

May I also say that if he is in 'regular contact with her PA in Monte Carlo', then why didn't ...

Development plans for former school


Leave room for extension to School, now Dandara moved east .

The Constable should follow St Mary and drop the speed limit,

A Purpose built prayer room for other faiths ,would be good.

The Mystic

A great idea, nice little Village feel to St Martin if this goes ahead.

I certainly wouldn't mind living there, nice pub, cafe and lots of parking.

Drivers warned to expect Coast Road delays


Is the little man on the sign having trouble putting up his umbrella? :)

Minister 'amused' by claims she is eyeing top job


Uncle Frank working for Ian and Philip to become Constables ,just turn up wait a

short time and bingo your in.

Clever man my uncle Frank takes a agent fee for his hard work,Philips husband

over the...

Squawkie L Pelican

Surprised you're still allowed near a computer taking into account your previous convictions, but hey ho, it's a funny old world..

Squawkie L Pelican

Surprised you're still allowed near a computer taking into account your previous convictions, but hey ho, it's a funny old world.


Made me laugh....gorse to continue...he first has to get elected which will be an uphill struggle for him...if he gives his best buddy Ozouf back a job ,he can forget being elected!

Minister agrees cut to liquid waste charge on businesses

Tim South

What an oppertunity to charge businesses ( who will then pass on down these new charges to the broader customer base ) twice.

It is very unlikely that after May 2018 Eddie and several of his inco...


Hotels and guesthouses have swimming pools and ensuite bathrooms therefore they are being charged based on this water usage for waste. This concept of a charge is so flawed but what do we expect !!!

Squawkie L Pelican

"Top politician admits he doesn't know his horse/donkey from his elbow"

Judge Judy

"We have listened to industry concerns" that would be a first for this incompetent Minister however given the outcry from the businesses affected, he has been forced to backtrack a little.

This reli...


Happy Eddie on a roll more money from planning for cycle paths , the U turn is

catching on quick in our STATES must be to do with letter in J E P from hotel

bosses ,all we need now is Green to build...