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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here. .

The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

I have evidence of murder, says Syvret


A good reverend is working very hard on him, Personally I am still enjoying a good bottle of Twenty20.

Sotte Voce

It would be prudent not to examine the sunglasses too closely.

Sotte Voce

Clearly, there has to be some following, otherwise none of us would get anywhere!


Even better - have a look at the Esther Ransen Interview with Syvret and Walker. It is the cover up culture that has existed amongst cronies that caused the media explosion on a global scale in the l...

As ItIs

Follow the ignorant footsteps of those who came before - so that would include Messrs Power & Harper both of whom entertained Mr Syvret and turned up nothing more than a coconut shell and some dis...

Fly-tipping costs Island £8,600 over two years

Sotte Voce

Yes, we must pretend not to notice certain striking things.


£8,600 over the last two years.......... the COM waste more in a week!!!

Rob St Peter

No argument, fly tipping is unacceptable a current clearance cost of £4,300 per year, now means we need a " task force " ?

Begs the what cost and, more importantly, how on eart...


As an older member of society i think it is safe to say that "fly-tipping" (call it what it is dumping your sh1t on other people) is a recent trend, i am not allowed to make any observations about who...

UK must realise its responsibility to Jersey over Brexit, says peer

Sotte Voce

Quite a few nice boys have been ripped by Big Bis.

Sotte Voce

The idea of the UK "realising a responsibility to Jersey" vis a vis a pernicious european federalism is surely something which it should have so realised in 1940.

Squawkie L Pelican

Facile tripe.

The world has been ripped off by big business. We've been ripped off by zero ten which came from our weak government.

Big bis brought coach parties to the Auberge to nurse half a ...

Bloke down the pub

Lets hope Jersey goes back to how it was before the EU. When the people were friendly and welcomed British holidaymakers. You have been ripped off by "Big Bis"

Planning rules on old buildings to be relaxed?

air con

CPO them and repair them and then send the previous owner the bill.

That's what can happen here on the mainland.

Grumpy Old Woman


Historic building are already being left to fall into disrepair in the hope that they can be totally demolished instead of renovated.

This proposition by Planning will have some alteri...


I'm amazed at this proposition. It could mean that developers will deliberately let a historic building fall into disrepair. It's an old trick to ensure the destruction of old buildings through water ...


This probably won't help much....if your property is listed then heritage will step in saying you need to save all features,Windows will have to be in wood not pvc,any doors,fireplaces inside the prop...

Staff at States’ London Office were told to stay inside

Sotte Voce

Sausage rolls, cream puffs?

C Le Verdic

Where's the nearest golf course?

The Crimson Horse Blanket

Murray Norton's parking place (you know, reserved, taxpayer funded etc) was advised to stay indoors after the FOI request unfortunately disclosed its hidden existence.

It was given the all clear o...

Squawkie L Pelican

Everyone was told to stay inside except Ozouf who was sent out for pastries and wave jazz hands about while shrieking.


Hurrah. Some people from Jersey were nearby when this happened - Hold the Front Page.

As someone who worked in London at the time of "The Troubles", I had to yawn slightly. But then I was only 'c...

Focus to intensify on technical and linguistic schooling


And of course what a great idea, all of our students are piling up to get in on this as a future form of employment in an industry that is dying due to the bureaucratic policies the SoJ are placing on...

Squawkie L Pelican

Has David Mitchell been at the cooking sherry?

Shame all this stuff existed at Highlands before Ed Sallis fixed it...

St Malo 1940 rescue vessel to return to its Island home?

Sotte Voce

That sounds like an analogy with the States of Jersey.

C Le Verdic

Just in time.

St Aubin's harbour is getting short of old wooden once loved boats that will never sail again.

Restaurant plan for burned down St Aubin workshop

The Mystic

Last year in the summer some friends and I popped down to St Aubins to grab some dinner, we walked to every eating establishment there and they were all full. Not one table to be had, in the end we wa...

The grif

Nothing against another restaurant love the atmosphere of St Aubins but a walk the other day was completely ruined and felt very intimidated by non stop cars going back and fro along the harbour sur...

Sotte Voce

So much so that they already have about a dozen places there from which to choose!


What a great place for A restaurant on the lines of the old Central Park would

be cool ,mums dads and kids would love it .


With parking at a premium and already hard to come by. The last thing that St Aubin needs is another restaurant to add to that burden.

Surely something with a marine theme could be the answer. Whilst...

Football: Cassidy calls up his cubs for Alderney trip


I will put a few bob on Alderney , home pitch strong wind , they will want it more.

Rugby: Reds focused on Irish, not the table


REDS players showing poor loyalty to fans and club , staff doing the same how

can you build a team when money is all they care about , so we have to put

up with going to bigger club and any other...