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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Struggling parents to get help with everyday tasks

Squawkie L Pelican

Short of some sort of eugenics programme, society will just have to find a way of dealing with the useless.

They are our burden, if we can't exterminate them 'um afraid we have to support them, th...


The money would be better spent providing better contraception - problem solved!


What a joke ,are parents that bloody thick they can't cope with meals ,time and money? Or is it these families on income support....what a waste of tax payers cash again !


At first I thought that this was an April Fool. Then sadly I realised that the 1st had already passed. I wonder what "bright spark" thought this up and how did it come about. Children being late to sc...

More price rises on the way - major retailer warns


" if it's not over there, we haven't got it"


Brexit will be used as an excuse but people's purse strings are tighter now so if it's cheaper on the internet that's where u buy.


more excuse to rip-off the public....some shops you go into you feel as if you are shopping every time.


Mr Vosian your staff are so poor and talk down to the customer , in my opinion that is your

problem .

Education chief: Term-time holidays are 'unacceptable'


By having regard to only 14% of absences, Mr Donovan shows that he hasn't grasped the whole picture and is knee jerk.


But that is the point - the whole debate is on parents taking kids on term time breaks as its cheaper. The debate is not about the other 86% of absences. This is a side issue that may need addressing ...

Sotte Voce

The speed limit is set in law, whereas Mr Donovan's dictat is not.

Finbarr Saunders

The point is being missed to a large degree. This only accounts for 14% of absences (Donovan's own numbers). There is 86% to deal with first - that is what causes the disruption. If just a few days ar...

Jersey girl 1983

So if I'm stopped for say, speeding, I can just say 'sorry I don't like the speed limit of 40mph so I'm going to ignore it' and they will increase the speed limit because I don't like it... brilliant!...

JEP Opinion: Retailers can help themselves


Guttural voices to be heard.


Sorry but king street it's not. Go in the week ,only time it's busy is lunchtime with workers getting their lunch ,busy places are coffee shops,As for the markets,they struggle....there a...




Vet true!

Ministers' PR spending is 'astonishing' says union rep


So what do the Ministers spending the publics money on spin-doctor's and the Committee of enquiry into child abuse have in common ?

One seeks to undertake a damage limit exercise when the inquiry...

Finding Me:Mo

Yes they do , but this issue relates specifically to the aggressive trolling of the World Cup bid etc.


There's many financial firms who support the Middle East State in which you are taking about.

Squawkie L Pelican

You'd think our States would have learned not to let UNITE control the narrative here, ironic incompetence, my favourite kind.

Serious concerns over condition of cars

Sotte Voce

Ah well, look on the bright (!) side, at least they have lights, unlike the many cyclists riding at night without lights. Amazingly, they never get stopped, far less prosecuted, yet a motorist with on...


Wait for jersey are going to bring in a m.o.t.,I recon there's more people without insurance than cars with major defects!

Yes licences for cyclists should make a come back,as for those f...


Many cycles don't have bells and also have illegal flashing strobe lights, very dangerous, particularly to an epilepsy sufferer- yet the law not applied, why not?

Judge Judy

340 vehicles stopped and only 12 had to be told to get a light seen to...that would be the reason for having a 'road check'. This sounds like a warning MOTs are on the way, otherwise, why make it fron...


Here we go one civil servant been told to push for MOT type checks. keep spot checks going make the fines bigger.

POLL: Should the States be spending money on helping struggling parents?


It's not a question of fairness, but necessity. Some parents have difficulties, whether through language or other issues. It'll save money in the long term.

States police distance themselves from officer's 'unfortunate' Jersey Lifts comments

C Le Verdic

'It has also been claimed that some are racing back to the area after dropping off a customer to ensure they are first to the next fare'

Something that the police must be eternally thankful never e...


not forgetting the snarling dog pack which they used plenty of times in the past when people where simply leaving the Yacht hotel at 2am (okay it's got a nightclub in but still a hotel). My friend fr...

Squawkie L Pelican

The armed response team should have been called out at least three times, in full riot gear, with helicopter and the States Tank.

(please let there be a States Tank...)


That's true, it's a matter of proof though- not so long ago the states was encouraging us to car share. Point taken, though- I wouldn't use them either. I wouldn't use a taxi come to that, far too exp...