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Public meeting called over Chief Minister's role

Deputy Sam Mézec, who founded Reform Jersey

Islanders are being invited to a public meeting to discuss proposed changes to the role of the Chief Minister, which are due to be debated by the States this month.



Syvret is yesterday's news and I understanding from online comment elsewhere that he has managed to fall out with many people who align themselves to the left in the past as it is.

Besides he has l...



Balance in politics is essential. Reform or no reform - no state with an extreme right wing has been a sustainable and pleasant experience through out history. Control is for the many - I like Gors...



Wait until they change the wage structure and lower it for States Members who do very little.

Then we will see if these career Backbenchers still stick around :-)

Geeky Blogger


Syvret being involved has already doomed this Party and I thought he and Southern never got along?



I cannot believe that 2 newly elected people in the States who claim to want reform will be getting Stuart Syvret to address a meeting for them. Not only is this man political history but his attacks...

Tell us what will make St Helier a better place to live in, says minister

Green spaces in St Helier – like the Millennium Town Park –are among the topics for discussion suggested by the Environment Minister

Days after describing a radically greener St Helier – with salad plants grown on office block roofs, and trees and allotments encircling town – Environment Minister Rob Duhamel says he wants to hear Islanders’ ideas for the future.

S Butterworth


Great comment from Monterey De St. Pelligringo.

R. Williams


The buses used to be able to turn corners safely before TTS decided on stupid road alterations which were supposedly in the name of safety (having had the opposite effect) but were really parking pla...

No Axe to Grind


The quality of responses in this thread are mostly banal and thoughtless. Here you have the opportunity to be constructive and mostly you are anything but. If you noticed, this was the Minister of P...



shame it did not have a car park underneath it.

they had one in delhi india , 20 years ago.



Parking for visitors of those of us who live in St Helier;

Educating cyclists not to jump red lights, ride on the pavements and go against the one way system; heavy fines for those who persist in d...

Benefits cheat had more than £1m in the bank

The case was heard in the Royal Court

A millionaire pensioner who claimed £51,000 in benefits and lived a frugal life in a States flat has been found guilty of defrauding the Social Security department.

Dave C


Common sense,

Just looking round is not a very sensible way of arriving at any sort of conclusion about who offenders of any sort might be.

What do you see when you look around you in regard to who ...

Dave C



No, I would like to see them. If they exist they could be very revealing and I would have no option but to accept them.

Buy two for one, pay half the GST.


One represents a breach of the criminal law, whilst the other is activly encoraged by all people, and everyone does it.

Can you honestly say "due to laws being manipulated" that you, personally, ha...



Do you not RT? There are people that you could see at Cyril Le Marquand House who will no doubt be able to explain it to you.

Look through provisions


Both are wholly unethical; one represents a breach of the criminal law, while the other is permitted at the moment, due to laws being manipulated and modified to suit a particular group of business p...

Ministers ‘should be paid more than backbenchers’

Senator Philip Ozouf

States backbenchers do not deserve the same salary as Members who take on ministerial roles, according to the Treasury Minister.



Laws can be changed and rather quickly too when it suits

N. Pearce


I agree with reducing non-ministers remuneration, but I still think we have too many sitting in the States.

Certainly the Dean should go and the Constables should be more responsible for more in thei...



If pay was awarded according to responsibility then they would all be on £zero. Any important decisions that have to be made are handed over to 'consultants' brought over for their 'experience'



Mild variation on this, in line with my comments elsewhere: do not cut the combined number of deputies and senators, but reduce non-ministers to an honorarium of about £10,000 pa reflecting the part ...

'Landlords need better protection'

Sharon Campbell discovered  vomit stains on the floor when her  latest tenant moved out of her property

A landlady whose tenants left vomit on the floor and rubbish littered throughout the property has called for landlords to be given better protection.



To summarise, Dave C, you are saying that the story about the tenant and the pizza boxes is something which you don't believe, but which you posted in order to draw a comparison with other incredible ...

shaun Murphy


Some rather unpleasant posts regarding tenants, i am unaware of a housing crisis in Jersey as there is here in the South East of England. The Government set up a deposit scheme, where the deposit is ...


Thank you for responding and thereby fulfilling the prediction, Dave C. You cannot see what is being communicated to you, no doubt to the amusement of many.

Your above posts lack substance and, to ...



Getting lazy there Dave. You cannot string your own sentence together.

I am not surprised that you don't believe what you write- we don't either!

I don't see how the phamarcist could be an "au...

Dave C


Ah, hello again Penny,

As previously stated, my comments have nothing to do with locals or immigrants. It was crystal clear, that I was saying that you would expect an authority figure to be a good ...

Anti-drug rally hailed a success

The anti-drug rally in Weighbridge Square. Picture: Tony Pike

An anti-drugs rally organised following the death of a 17-year-old has been hailed a success by its teenage organiser.

Gino follower


"most adults do not know and understand what it means to be human"

And how do you know that you do?

How can you be so sure that the "information" that you know is true?

Your previous posts on...

Gino Risoli



I know it looks like that and many would agree, the issue is a little deeper. Children as well as most adults do not know and understand what it means to be human. Although the information is...



"Why is it so many youngsters take drugs?"

1) Because recreational drugs, by their very nature, are euphoric - they make you happy. For many people, they will distract from the very real problems ...

Gino Risoli


Why is it so many youngsters take drugs? What are the adults doing and saying to make so many addicts



Completely agreed! Legalise Cannabis because compared to Alcohol, Tobacco, Hard Drugs and Prescription Drugs, Cannabis is the safest, an all natural unadulterated plant. The sooner people realise th...

Island signs renewable sea energy agreement with French

President of the Manche Department  Jean-François Le Grand and Assistant Economic Development Minister Carolyn Labey sign the agreement

Jersey has agreed to work closely with a French marine energy group on the development of sea-based renewable power.



Well done Deputy Labey, at last some good news and progress in securing Jersey's future in a sustainable way. Brilliant.

States credit cards used by 1,486 workers

The States offices at Cyril Le Marquand House

There were just 16 fewer States credit cards in circulation last year than five years ago, when the Treasury said that the number should be reduced, the JEP can reveal.



Who cares, as long as the transactions are approved and visible this is hardly news! Employees use credit cards, big deal!

Gino Risoli


We have online statements online now. Can we have the detail so all taxpayers can view them online

Casual Observer


Good to see a common sense post amongst the nonsense.

This is the cheapest and most efficient way for many everyday payments to be made and invoices settled.

It's good to see the States embracing ...

Warren J


Yet again, a misleading JEP headline, which starts with a reference to Credit Cards and then makes reference to a Purchase Card (such as I have for my Norman's account)

I would hope that ALL expen...



I wonder who gets the air miles?

Jersey RFC slide into Championship relegation spot after defeat

A dejected Jersey. Picture: Tony Pike

JERSEY RFC slipped to the bottom of the Greene King IPA Championship after a 25-17 loss at home to London Scottish was followed by a 26-21 victory by survival rivals Ealing at Plymouth Alibion.



Would add Nicky Griffths to those names.

He has worked tirelessly at the edge of the scrum to get fast ball and shown continued commitment. Feel sorry for him and a few of the other team members wh...

Jerseyman since 1510


We just never replaced Hannay, Guy Thompson and Le Booj - Jon Brennan has been sorely missed and we just had no creativity, seldom look like scoring - We give away stupid penalties at crucial moments,...



You hit the nail on the head! I remember reading the JEP when I think Jersey had first played Bristol and there was all this talk of how Jersey really should be capable of beating some of the better s...

Pip Clement


It was the local yokels that got the club to their present position and it is the local yokels in Jersey Athletic that have finished second in their league this year.

I hope Jersey has the money to p...



Doctors happier with a say on new set-up

Dr Nigel Minihane

Doctors feel better able to contribute to discussions about the new dual hospital site following difficulties at the beginning of the process, the head of an organisation representing Jersey GPs told a Scrutiny panel.

spiritual warrior


Sadly with the current GP system in the island, these GP's cannot give an independent overview.They have a vested interest.I also fail to understand how Dr.Minihane can be chair of the PCB and also vi...