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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here. .

The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Jersey now has hundreds of hidden homeless, says shelter


Presumably the same subject that you accuse others of avoiding, whatever that might be.

Wilson Riou


What is it you think I'm avoiding?


See below- you seem to have answered your own question.


It rather sounds like you might well be avoiding something. You asked someone to define what 'local' means, but you were then able, with a little thought, to discover this for yourself. Whether you a...

Wilson Riou


Still avoiding the subject? I shall assume you don't want to define 'local' because it's too difficult.

I'm happy to associate with 'lefty' and 'troublemaker' in the right circumstances but ...

Bailiff defends dual role in letter to Gorst

Wilson Riou

I agree with your point about the inappropriateness of the Jersey Care Inquiry pontificating on this subject. The Committee's views are not relevant. But the Carswell and Clothier recommendations on t...


Unhelpful to?

Judge Judy

Thank you for a clear and succinct comment which I agree with entirely.


Separation of Powers is the first thing you learn in Law School as the essential basis for any true democracy. It is actually put in place to protect the judiciary, as much as to protect parliament o...


The Bailiff is completely right. It was completely inappropriate for the Care Inquiry to comment on something which was outside their terms of reference and for which they received no evidence. Not on...

Watchdog members resign over ‘Deputy’s lies’


Please read the post before you comment, then you might not look so daft.


The biggest story of the year?????

My goodness, get out a bit more.


Yes, there is, you can find some of it on this website. You seem to be aghast, for some reason, at the level of coverage of one of the biggest Jersey stories of the year.

ol' timer

This is not about the Power suspension ... it's about standards of behaviour in public office. Crowcroft and Martin have done the right thing and Taylor should have done the same since he sits on PPC ...


Is there no other daily news apart from Deputy Andrew Lewis?

We’re striving to improve, says new Flybe chief



Two hour delay to Birmingham on Friday, three hour delay on return Monday. Reason for delay outward "technical aircraft", inward Captain told us they didn't have enough crew and had to call some ...


Indeed I agree with the comments about the Birmingham route. Every time the radio gives the travel news it is always the B/ham route that is delayed for one reason or another. Booking flights to B/ham...


What a load of rubbish. Flymaybe's on-time performance seems to have got significantly worse. The Birmingham route seems to have a 'late inbound aircraft' delay about 99% of the time, and Exeter isn't...


airport delays need sorting

Mr Sensible

Let's hope she has not got an appointment anytime in jersey flying from Birmingham as that flight is never ever on time late today again

Letter to the Editor: Are parishioners aware they are footing bill for £80,000 church extension?

St Lawrence church Picture CHANTELLE MUNDY

From Trevor Brown

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Let the sad people who use the Church (not Many)pay for this extension.If I had my way I would knock all these Churches down for housing.

Simple sense

Parish Meetings? But when? Oh! its in the Gazette, but you have to buy the JEP each day and read it to be sure of seeing when your Parish Meeting is. The system is well and truly abused by those in ...

The Moaning Old Bugger

If they are not aware it,s their OWN fault, However it would be so easy to get everybody's email and send a group email telling people of up coming meetings.....

COMMENT: Say yes to secret balllots

Wilson Riou

Meant to say candidates not members are ultimately chosen via backroom deals.

Wilson Riou

On the contrary secret ballots are a cornerstone of democracy which allow voting without fear or favour. The COM is a clique that often suffers from groupthink and circular confirmation bias. Members ...


If you have not got the balls to put your name to your ballot vote then you should abstain. A secret ballot is for weak and cowardly people.


A curate's egg of a comment. Of course all ballots should be secret ballots. Anything else falls short of proper democratic standards - but then so would limiting the term of office of the so called ...

Sark to Jersey joy for veteran duo, despite race cancellation


we need men like this to captain the "condor cancellation"....well done boys.

Bid to halt plans that would ‘disfigure’ St Lawrence Church

No Axe to Grind

Save Jersey's Heritage response is predictable. If the proposed extension was over 100 years of age they would fight tooth and nail to preserve it. Everything of age must be preserved without alterati...

Sotte Voce

The carbuncle will be permitted, while meanwhile there will be obsessive pedantry over windows.


Certainly this is an issue, where the advice of the foremost renowned specialist experts in historic ecclesiastical architecture have been ignored, to the point that their academic voice counts for no...

Tim South

Just a quick couple of questions, given that the States keep inventing new ways to tax and charge island residents. How much is this new extension to the church going to cost. Will the residents of...

Letter to the Editor: Demolish Fort Regent and build new hospital

Fort Regent

From Michael de Petrovsky

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Old Fart


If it took 4 years to get planning permission to install 1 handicap toilet in 1 of the islands churches, how long would it take to get permission to destroy Fort Regent?

Sotte Voce

The writer shows its ignorance when it trots out the old "white elephant" words without knowing what they mean. Perhaps it should go up to the Fort any weekday evening and see for itself how well this...


No to the

Fort, despite the fact its used a lot for sports people seem to forget this is a historical site.

No Axe to Grind

Or just spend a few million upgrading and refurbishing the existing hospital. Why does Jersey need a world class facility that would look good in Dubai?

‘If he doesn’t resign from PAC, then I will’


Who said that Lewis claimed to have "read the whole Met police report"?

In fact, I believe he claimed to have "read an alarming report", yet was immediatly told by the Bailiff, who was in on the li...

Sotte Voce

It will certainly make any candidates think about parliamentary standards, which is not a bad thing.


If Constable Chris Taylor feels this way, why did he not demand that Andrew Lewis be admonished by the PCC ?? Passing the matter to the States is a cop out and waste of States time . I was at the P...


This will put others off standing,


One issue: please give me 'day of inquiry', page and line where Lewis makes a statement that he has read the whole Met police report. This would convince me of his guilt.