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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here. .

The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Civil servants asked to end their membership of illegal lifts services


There's no point issuing a request (when you really mean 'an order') when you haven't got the legislation to back it up.

It's the same for their policy on social media comments; they have a hysterica...


There's a taxi (the vehicle is a small van with windows) whose driver does not seem to understand how to use a roundabout, watch out for this idiot in your travels.


The dictat is no more enforceable than any other aspect of this affair.

Judge Judy

It's not a case of asking some employees to leave the F.B. page, it's a request for them not to have anything to do with an illegal, pretend taxi service which is neither properly insured to carry far...


Does this mean that when I give a member of my family a lift and they help by giving me a fiver towards the petrol, that I am breaking the Law? Get a grip !

States are disorganised and complacent, claims Deputy


You can't get any lower caliber than Tadier and Mezec, absolute rubbish, and all Vallois has done since losing her job is throw toys.

Bring on the 2018 elections and lets get rid of this dead wood.

Rob St Peter

Gosh...and this is news to us ?..e.g., the Quennevais new school debacle ( one States Dept doesn't seem to have the commonsense to talk to another ? )

Tracey ( and I agree with your comments ) it ...


Tadier and Mezec serve no useful purpose and can be relied upon for nothing except to waste time better spend debating governance issues.


Gorse picked his ministers himself...he doesn't like confrontation so choose 'yes' people who are all sheep!

This is the worse ministerial government ever formed ,unfortunately though the callibre ...

The Island gets its second female rector


Be careful christianity might just represent a moral code that makes a community a better place.

Finding Me:Mo

C'Mon Steve-o it's all perfectly logical . If you say it's total "cobblers" ( I do) and it's not then we really are in the deepest of doo doo, however if you cross your fingers behind your back and s...


Perhaps she should apologise for not worshipping the great Jersey Mecca known as the £ sign and choosing the love of others. I therefore agree, she sounds so unbelievably lovely in the context of th...


A science degree.. studied physics....and now believes in a caring listening intervening friend in the can.t make it up.

Owners see plans rejected for ruined country cottage


The above states:

Although Vanessa and John Moore have permission to rebuild the derelict ruin, Petit Clos Luce, in St Peter, they wanted to start afresh by building a modern two-bedroom house near...


What's the point of leaving it as a disused ruined ?.....when it could be saved and turned into something worthwhile.. (Even a camping Bothy). Cannot understand the official mentality here..


Can't comment on this application...but goes against the island plan?

Come on ,we know for a fact the island plan isn't worth the paper it's written on,we've seen commercial sites in the countrysid...


I don't think what they asked for was ever on the cards.

However, a tasteful extension to that little house would look good I think.

Revealed: The cost of a cuppa with the States

Squawkie L Pelican


Everyone should be entitled to cuppa on the firm.

It's not that much for thousands of people.

Now lets get back to first class flights and golf extravaganzas.


And how much did it cost for the States to collate the information so the JEP didnt have to do any reporting research.


Based on a 5 day work week that's 191 quid a day. On milk .....

Taxi drivers call for police to impound illegal cabs


Thank you for your belated answer.

The comment to which you object consists of words extracted from a recent Royal Court judgment. The description shows what can occur at the public taxi ranks.


Judge Judy

Would this comment be deemed to be 'off topic' or just plain nasty, having nothing to do with 'Facebook Lifts' ?

As for your previous questions, "how does one gain membership of the rank association"...


anyone with a decent car and clean driving licence and the proper insurance also checked by the authorities should be allowed in fact encouraged to drive their own taxi.

They should also set their...


The police became involved and told this driver to move his taxi. The driver told the police that he could not move his vehicle as he thought he may have a fuel leak. However he rapidly changed his ...



1. You are entirely fine carrying others in your does not effect your insurance / invalidate it.

2. You are entitled to share the cost of any is not illegal.


Most popular baby names in Jersey revealed


Better still. How about Andy or Flo CAPP or Fred BLOGS. ?. good sound hardworking, real working class, work grafter names. (Like Freds Café).


How about Godfrey or Montague or Giles or Cecil. (Certainly not Jeremy for me).


How about Donald or even Pullover.?. (Jersey Pullover).

Judge Judy

Here's another really interesting article about names. lol...

C Le Verdic

What about Winter, Hedley and Snowdon, then?

How we we be able to tell a Jerseyman from an 'islander'?

£40m new school plan is rejected


I think they should build a new psychiatric unit there. Your deluded politics and either ineptitude at reading who is making the mistakes in island politics or ridiculous lies could see you being sec...


luce covering his backside with the guy from uk

As a minister another fairly useless one,couldn't make it in farming now looking like and playing god!

Crimes it is pure common sense that education...


£40,000,000. That's an incredible load of noughts for one chosen school in a small island. How will it be financed?

Squawkie L Pelican

(Rod Bryans + David Mitchell) + (Steve Luce + Andy Scate) = Lots of pointless noise and lots of terribly well intentioned (read pompous jobsworthy) incompetence.

Another c+ck up in the litany of c+...


But it is a remarkable design! It looks like it has already had three extensions stuck onto it!

Tumble dryer warning from the Fire Service


When buying electrical stuff, if it has letters BOSCH or MIELE on the front panel, this is a good sign. Any washing machine or tumble dryer that costs less than a good night out, say £200 must be ...


**FURTHER ELECTRICAL FIRE RISK WARNING*** Be careful when buying certain imported ***extension leads** from a well known country in the far east. I bought one it bust into flames (No it was not o...


Thank you Bandiera Rossa for all the information great help , will try for result next week.

Bandiera Rossa

In brief - 1st warning checked manufacturers site and my machine not affected - 2nd warning checked again and found, in fact it was - registered by e-mail to have machine fixed 10/2/16, e-mail respons...


Phoned england over a month ago they said they would send some one still waiting

Co-op can not help .

Call for community teams to help the vulnerable


You have to trust these people to let them into your homes - I do wonder if the volunteers are checked first before allowed to become a volunteer.


Where is the genuine urge to care for these people? Why do they have to start 'initiatives'?

Say's a lot.