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Public meeting called over Chief Minister's role

Deputy Sam Mézec, who founded Reform Jersey

Islanders are being invited to a public meeting to discuss proposed changes to the role of the Chief Minister, which are due to be debated by the States this month.

Real Truthseeker


"Your island" ??? I think not Mark! It is just as much mine as anyone's even if I do come from New Zealand and spend 7 months a year here, and will do with my wife and kids.

We are not stupid, we h...



These people are not interested in reform, they are only interested in wrecking the Finance Industry.

If it isn't broken....


Second time this has happened recently. The current forum format is nothing like as good as the previous one. Why couldn't they leave well alone?

No Troll


What an ideal world for there to be only one. I think you will find that two stretches in Prison loses even the best people out there respect.

Happy Camper


I might have ventured down to see what was said, but now I know that Syvret is speaking it has blown all credibility that these two had out of the water. Very sad to see, when I thought they might hav...

Internet car dealers operating illegally from public car parks

St Martin Deputy Steve Luce at Archirondel car park

Internet car dealers are paying fines to park vehicles in public car parks rather than renting proper premises from which to trade, according to the St Martin Deputy.

The world's his oyster


Ah, but I don't think that he will want to get involved with that. Any ideas why?

Anthony "cut n shut"


I'm pleased Mr Luce wants something sorted regarding these dodgy cowboys. They have been getting away with it for years.

All the dropping to bits cars are parked along Gorey harbour, and at the back ...



Busy season in St Martin lol



Deputy Lewis Does it again, makes yet another clueless comment with no understanding.

"internet traders do not put up signs to show that a vehicle is for sale" he says.

Has he never heard of the...

Benefits cheat had more than £1m in the bank

The case was heard in the Royal Court

A millionaire pensioner who claimed £51,000 in benefits and lived a frugal life in a States flat has been found guilty of defrauding the Social Security department.

Two tier system


@ Buy one for two etc; you seem not to have read the post or are confused between personal tax, gst and the preferential treatment of some corporate entities. Your chosen name would seem to reflect th...

Read it again


One is a breach of the criminal law, while the other is permitted at the moment due to laws being manipulated and modified to suit a particular group of business persons.

It the last part of the me...

Not peripheral


Looking around is not possible where one wears the blinkers of political correctness.

Gardener cleaners


The difficulty here would be gaining access to the reports and the statistics. Issues relating to data protection and client confidentiality would doubtless prevail, understandably.

There is also a...

Common sense


Obviously this most simple course of action is not something which would appeal to you, Dave.

Tell us what will make St Helier a better place to live in, says minister

Green spaces in St Helier – like the Millennium Town Park –are among the topics for discussion suggested by the Environment Minister

Days after describing a radically greener St Helier – with salad plants grown on office block roofs, and trees and allotments encircling town – Environment Minister Rob Duhamel says he wants to hear Islanders’ ideas for the future.



Build an unwanted and not needed finance center, move the business there leaving half the new development empty.

Develop the now empty offices in town because they are empty. Because if it is empty i...

Gino Risoli


What would secure the town centre and make people very happy would be a glass roof covering queen st and king st. This will make am all weather shopping centre with a potential of more activities. At ...



Too many people and too many cars! Too many people and too many cars! Too many people and too many AAAAAAAH!!!

Seriously, do you stop the stampede? 150K population? It`s coming. Qu...

Marge Elmsford


So, a politician tries to engage the public to get opinions on how best to represent the public and this is seen as a bad thing?

I wouldn’t say it’s a great comment, more like a complaint for co...

Up Yours


Not entirely so, it actually all factors in. Like it or not...

Contempt doesn't just spring from nowhere. That's socio economics at play.

Have a place that's nice but, what is the point if it's...

Island signs renewable sea energy agreement with French

President of the Manche Department  Jean-François Le Grand and Assistant Economic Development Minister Carolyn Labey sign the agreement

Jersey has agreed to work closely with a French marine energy group on the development of sea-based renewable power.



A bridge with water turbines would be the way to go ! We both win out of this. Jersey getaway to France for the UK, same for France....

Brandon Kent



With our strong currents, it should be possible to generate quite a lot of energy from sea-based units.

Well Done


Congratulations on the agreement, good and positive news.



Good reporting;But when and where!

Charles de St Clement


Wow. Some genuinely good new coming out of Economic Development Department. We now look to Carolyn Labey to deliver the first project.

Scrutiny: Population plan should be shelved


The Council of Ministers should shelve their proposed population policy because it is based on unreliable statistics, says a Scrutiny panel.

Census 2014


Locals-50% British-30% Portuguese-10% Romanian-5% Polish 2% and others



Immigration should be controlled immediately. UKIP & Labour will be the next coalition Government it would appear, and they will bring the UK out of the EU and close its doors to every tom, dick a...

Very Plenty Benefits


There is no point in trying to control our population...................the damage is well and truly done and town has become an awful place to visit.

Brandon Kent


Perhaps they should improve their methods, get more reliable statistics, then move forward with the policy they want to implement.

The States would be foolish not to introduce some form of popuklul...

constables out


when was this photo taken 30 years ago, never seen so many people in town for a long time.

Ministers ‘should be paid more than backbenchers’

Senator Philip Ozouf

States backbenchers do not deserve the same salary as Members who take on ministerial roles, according to the Treasury Minister.



The problem is the Troy rule, which is a sensible approach, although I accept that if you cut the number of minister posts you can cut the overall number of members



True, but the Uruguay's president give most of his wages to charity.

Can't really say that corruption will get to him. No worries on this subject. Fair play to him, he is also the first one to have ...



I doubt revolutionists came from a highly educated or successful background.

Who is better to look after the people than real people .

Self interest is one of the major cause of corruption and wron...



Everyone needs to stop looking at the current amendments being put forward in the states as indevidual amendments and start putting them together.

We have this amendment that on it’s own looks se...




In this day and age, in light of the external threats facing our key industry (the positive responses last year to G-20 pressure and the French blacklisting being good examples), if our Treasu...

Warning over painkiller 'as hard to quit as heroin'

Michael Gafoor, director of the Alcohol and Drug Service

Rising numbers of Islanders are becoming inadvertently addicted to a prescription painkiller that can be as hard to quit as heroin, the JEP can reveal.



my wife been on these for ages .

whilst waiting to be mended at the hospital .

i was going to get her to write to you ( mr gafoor) with a list of the medication she downs each day ...



So what do I do if I may be one of those people? What sort of help will be available to me?

Gino Risoli


Drug prescription in my view is using doctors as their retail outlets. One today can check for alternatives before swallowing anything from pharmacetacles. Companies such as a change of diet. It's al...



We have the pleasure of seeing Dr Gafoor once a month for man made costly and addictive/ destructive drugs.

When is he going to admit that cannabis is the solution to all his problems?



So the 'authorities' willingly support and condone the ready prescription of something this dangerous - it's not the first case either, if I recall the JEP reporting recently - but clamp down and over...

'Landlords need better protection'

Sharon Campbell discovered  vomit stains on the floor when her  latest tenant moved out of her property

A landlady whose tenants left vomit on the floor and rubbish littered throughout the property has called for landlords to be given better protection.

Gino Risoli


The headline is to deflect obvious landlord abuses of deposit monies

Not all Landlords are bad


We used an agent for 3 flats, so not being greedy according to you. He 'vetted them credit checked them etc'.

One tennant paid no rent for 6 months, he covered it up then we ended up covering the lo...



To summarise, Dave C, you are saying that the story about the tenant and the pizza boxes is something which you don't believe, but which you posted in order to draw a comparison with other incredible ...

shaun Murphy


Some rather unpleasant posts regarding tenants, i am unaware of a housing crisis in Jersey as there is here in the South East of England. The Government set up a deposit scheme, where the deposit is ...


Thank you for responding and thereby fulfilling the prediction, Dave C. You cannot see what is being communicated to you, no doubt to the amusement of many.

Your above posts lack substance and, to ...

Pension reforms may not be accepted by uniformed services

Senior adviser in the States HR department Mick Pinel

Jersey's uniformed services may have a hard time accepting pension reforms currently under discussion, according to a senior adviser in the States HR department.

Gino Risoli



I think we should raise all private sector pensions so they are inline with public sector pay. That is what I call fair.