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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Bar door breath tests 'could cut drink crime'

As ItIs

Load of olds cods swallops - believe me things are far better now than when I was on the Disco circuit 40 years ago. Ask the Chief what the crime rate was then - about 10k. Obviously, I'm not interest...

karaoke joe

For goodness sake a nanny state and tinpot dictatorship comes to mind. The majority of people who go out are going to enjoy themselves. Are tests for drugs going to be next ? Many people will have tra...


As if the Clubs will be in favour of turning away business.


How about rising the drinking age from 18 to 21?

How about the door staff actually checking the ages of it patrons, instead of letting the little pretty underaged scantily dressed girls in. On man...


So what SOJP going to be doing when doormen using breathilyzier then are advising ppl not to drive . What's next give them warrant cards and ability to arrest

Words fail me

‘Homes shortage’ for larger families



The amusing thing is that you advertise that you may stand again, on this board, but cannot reveal who you are, on this board, because you know that the content of your posts is such, that it wo...

The Crimson Horse Blanket

If you do stand for election, you will have to maintain composure and public decency when in proximity to your heroes at the hustings etc. You will also have to ensure that your nomination paper is no...


Looks like Sam's multiple troll supporter is quaking in his boots already.


Then that is called a genuine situation.... one where you have not intentionally relied on the states and you would have paid into the system. Mind you, that sort of scenario would probably get you n...


Imagine this scenario if you will. You've got a thriving business and your family blooms. Five kids are no problem because you're doing well - you're paying your taxes and you aren't claiming any be...

Consider being more independent from UK, says Brexit report lawyer


According to our passports Jersey people have never had the rights to live and work in Europe.


And who from Jersey would do the negotiations with the EU and others that would be required to put into effect Miss Alegre's suggestions? I suspect that her report does not come with any estimate of t...


More independence is fine but I want us to have far far closer ties with the UK and US than the doomed and Marxist EU.

karaoke joe

Not to worry, our chief minister will no doubt hire some expert or other from the UK. Or maybe not he could hire from South Africa throw in a few rounds of golf for so called expert, oh and a plane ch...

Details of police’s move are published


There is a back door from the car park. Big enough to squeeze a police van into for transporting prisoners, I suppose.

No Axe to Grind

Too small, wrong place.

When the Limes is turned into car-parking, pedestrian crossings will stall traffic in both directions, including through the tunnel, causing even worse gridlock around the W...


They are going to knock down the nursing home on the roundabout corner to make a carpark for the Police. Did you know there is no back door to the Police station? is this a breach of planning regulati...


Ah yes, 'the money seized from criminals'. Little bit of money laundering there to get their hands on that fund.

Realist Human

Yes it will be interesting to see what develops in that area!

Bad weather causes shortage of courgettes


No they'll be blaming Philip Ozouf because they want to.


No doubt you will be blaming Reform Jersey.


No doubt Reform Jersey will be blaming the Council of Ministers.


Why should this affect the COOP? Their food is neither local nor fresh. Go to Waitrose for vegetables. As for courgettes, the main cause of shortage is the supermarkets themselves .. if farmers didn't...

Mr Sensible

Oh my gosh, give the new US president a call, he will sort it out , will the world stop turning because of this crisis.

Eco-friendly Islander vows not to throw anything away


Yes you are right.

She will do what most people do and hang it up in the WC.


Or if you came through her door.

The Crimson Horse Blanket

Her edition will remain in good condition, whereas yours will be well thumbed in very short order, with the pages stuck together.


Her biggest test will be when a Reform Jersey Manifesto comes through the door.


What if she does not mean and it was just a throw away remark.

Nearly a million litres of water lost after major main burst


NAG .... nice bit of sarcasm. We all know there is no evidence farmers are to blame for nitrates and the St Aubins bay problem is 100% attributable to Bellozanne.

No Axe to Grind

That's a lot more nitrates that will leach into St Aubin's Bay. Accelerating the pollution caused by farmers' heavy handed use of fertilisers.


Are they delivering a porta loo for the people in the yellow house? :-)

Tech millionaire plans to shake up islands’ travel


Sorry but £55 seems already overpriced as hell, not to mention £75.

Small shaky aircrafts. Thanks but no


After initial reservations over single engine, I am inclined to agree - I recall at least three incidents where a twin engine plane suffering an engine failiure resulted in the pilot shutting down the...


I hope this venture succeeds. It is exactly what the Islands require, a cheap reliable shuttle service. The only problem I can see is the inevitable red tape. The C208 is a wonderful workhorse with an...


I think they should be called Air Waves!


Statistically you're more likely to suffer a failure with a twin engined aircraft!

Business leaders to meet Gorst over Brexit


Perhaps they should ask why an experienced Minister, who played a crucial part behind the scenes in negotiating such business and fiscal matters in both UK government and internationally over many yea...


Perhaps they will be discussing 'Ozoxit! As well!


Can somebody pass him the cheque book to pay the gang of experts ( note plural)he will need to recruit to come up with a raft of measures which we could take which will probably never be needed

karaoke joe

I suppose he will be bringing over another expert from the UK.

Potential new airline’s rivals warn of ‘lower standards’


Is this not scaremongering? Surely, if the CAA ensures that its specified set of operating and maintenance requirements and standards are duly met and adhered to, then, 'lower standards' would not be ...