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States Treasurer resigns

States Treasurer Laura Rowley, pictured with Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf (left) and Assistant Minister Eddie Noel

States Treasurer Laura Rowley has unexpectedly quit her job and her resignation was due to be announced to the States today.

'Gay marriage will be legalised'

rally 2_900

Same-sex marriage will be introduced in Jersey - it is just a matter of when, the Island's only openly gay politician has said after hundreds of people turned out to rally for equal rights.

In Monday's newspaper


Hundreds turned out on Saturday for a rally in support of same-sex marriage - we have a full report and pictures.

Earthquake hits Channel Islands

The Jersey MET Office seismometer captured the moment the tremor struck

AN earthquake - the biggest to strike Jersey in almost 60 years - has hit Jersey and the rest of the Channel Islands this lunchtime.

Anger over gay marriage delay could cause flood at polls

The decision to delay the introduction of gay marriage could encourage angry Islanders to vote

PUBLIC outrage following the States decision to delay the introduction of same-sex marriages in Jersey could lead to increased voter turnout when Islanders go to the polls in October, according to the Deputy who brought forward the proposition.