Deputies' election results

Results of the Deputies' elections as they happened. See Thursday's Jersey Evening Post for full reports, reactions, analysis and pictures.

First-time candidate Susie Pinel topped the poll in the election for Deputy of St Clement (01087765)
First-time candidate Susie Pinel topped the poll in the election for Deputy of St Clement (01087765)

Results of the Deputies' elections as they happened. See Thursday's Jersey Evening Post for full reports, reactions, analysis and pictures.

Deputies of St Helier No 3

10.45 pm

Newcomer Richard Rondel, a farmer and director of Rondels Farm Shop, is a new Deputy in St Helier No 3 District. He will join Deputies Jackie Hilton, who topped the poll, Andrew Green and Mike Higgins, who retained their seats.

• Deputy Jackie Hilton: 1,941

• Deputy Andrew Green: 1,924

• Richard Rondel: 1,870

• Deputy Mike Higgins: 1,464

• Suzette Hase: 1,158

• Ray Shead: 799

• Ted Vibert: 865

• Denise Carroll: 874

Deputy of St Ouen

10.40 pm

Deputy James Reed (55), the current Education Minister, easily retained the seat he first gained in 2002.

• Deputy James Reed: 808

• Chris Lamy: 322

• Alan Le Quesne:294

• Cliff Le Clercq: 253

Deputies of St Helier No 2

10.05 pm

Senator Terry Le Main (72), who has served the States since 1978 both as Deputy and Senator, has lost his seat, placing fourth in the St Helier No 2 District election. Former teacher and independent financial adviser Rod Bryans (58), who narrowly missed out in 2008, topped the poll and will join sitting Deputies Shona Pitman and Geoff Southern, who both retained their seats.

• Rod Bryans: 763

• Deputy Shona Pitman:743

• Deputy Geoff Southern: 694

• Senator Terry Le Main: 593

• Deputy Debbie De Sousa: 579

• Hugh Raymond: 430

• Bernie Manning: 282

Deputies of St Helier No 1

9.56 pm

Entrepreneur James Baker (39), the son of a former St Helier Constable, has topped the poll in St Helier No 1 District where Deputy Paul Le Claire has lost his seat. Mr Baker will join sitting Deputies Trevor Pitman, whom he beat by four votes, and Judy Martin who both retained their seats.

• James Baker: 767

• Deputy Trevor Pitman: 763

• Deputy Judy Martin: 717

• Deputy Paul Le Claire: 700

• Nick Le Cornu: 571

• Keith Shaw: 482

• Mary O’Keeffe-Burgher: 331

• Gino Risoli: 178

Deputies of St Brelade No 1

9.50 pm

After a recount, former chief officer at Planning John Young (65) has been elected as the new Deputy in St Brelade No 1 District. Sitting Deputy Angela Jeune, first elected three years ago, has lost her seat.

• John Young: 339

• Margaret Holland Prior: 306

• Jeff Hathaway: 285

• Deputy Angela Jeune: 276

Deputies of St Brelade No 2

9.40 pm

The two sitting Deputies in St Brelade No 2 have been re-elected.

• Deputy Sean Power: 1,491

• Deputy Montfort Tadier: 1,428

• Mervyn Le Masurier:1,327

Deputies of St Clement

9.41 pm

Businesswoman and first-time candidate Susie Pinel (53) and former St Clement Deputy Gerard Baudains are the two new Deputies in St Clement. It means sitting Deputy Anne Dupré has lost the seat she gained three years ago.

• Susie Pinel: 1,314

• Gerard Baudains: 979

• David Cabeldu: 712

• Simon Brée: 710

• Deputy Anne Dupré: 679

• Peter Ward: 315

Deputies of St Saviour No 1

9.31 pm

The two sitting Deputies in St Saviour No 1 District have been re-elected by a comfortable margin over their challengers.

• Deputy Rob Duhamel: 773

• Deputy Jeremy Maçon: 641

• Hedi Green: 462

• Isabella Lewis: 400

Deputy of St Peter

9.25 pm

Former journalist and first-time candidate Kristina Moore (36) is the new Deputy of St Peter. She has beaten Wayne Le Marquand, the grandson of former Constable 'W P' Le Marquand.

• Kristina Moore: 1,169

• Wayne Le Marquand: 589

Deputies of St Saviour No 2

9.15 pm

The two Deputies of St Saviour No 2 District have been re-elected by a comfortable margin over their challenger.

• Deputy Kevin Lewis: 732

• Deputy Tracey Vallois: 680

• Shelley Rose: 387

Deputy of St Martin

9.10 pm

Bob Hill, who has been a States Member since 1993, has lost his St Martin Deputy seat to retired farmer Steve Luce.

• Steve Luce: 1,008

• Deputy Bob Hill: 709

Deputy of Grouville

9 pm

Carolyn Labey (51) has been re-elected as Deputy in Grouville, having served for nine years in that post. She beat challenger Dominic Jones (47), a lawyer and director of Jersey Pottery.

• Deputy Carolyn Labey: 1,075

• Dominic Jones: 843

Deputy of St John

8.50 pm

Patrick Ryan, who has previously served two terms as Deputy in St Helier, has been elected Deputy in his home parish of St John.

• Patrick Ryan: 528

• Andrew Lewis: 437

• David Ward: 205

Deputy of St Saviour No 3

8.45 pm

Deputy Roy Le Hérissier (67), who has represented St Saviour No 3 since 1999, has been re-elected by a comfortable margin.

• Deputy Roy Le Hérissier: 764

• Charlie Gouyet: 245

Deputy of St Mary

8.38 pm

In the first result of the evening, Former Centenier John Le Bailly (62) has been elected as Deputy of St Mary to replace Daniel Wimberley.

• John Le Bailly: 291

• David Johnson: 246

• Ray Cooper: 159

•See Thursday's Jersey Evening Post for full reports, reactions, analysis and pictures

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Comments for: "Deputies' election results"

DJ Supporter

Travesty in Grouville IMO.

I wonder how many of those voting for Carolyn Labey were actually present at the Grouville parish hustings where, even supported by notes (and planted questions from a number people seen standing outside the parish hall in her colours yesterday) she was totally out-gunned by a more widely knowledgeable, well-researched, intelligent and articulate candidate. The JEP reporting of the evening was woefully unbalanced. Dominic played a much fairer campaign - no tricky planted questions or inferences about CL's flawed former partner, for example. I guess it's very hard to unseat someone called Labey in Grouville. DJ is stronger than virtually all the senatorial candidates (including most of those elected last night) and I for one hope he puts himself forward in the next senatorials.

That's democracy and best of luck to CL - but there are 44% of the Grouville electorate who, notwithstanding the Potteries site controversy CL's team certainly exploited, wanted change. CL would ignore that at her peril.


One really must say a sincere well done to Jeremy Macon in St Saviour no1. He proved the doubters wrong.


I cannot believe James Reed retained his seat. He has performed terribly over the years and quite clearly knows nothing about education. He must have lots of friends in St Ouen!


who the hell is Deputy Angela Jeune never heard of her no wonder she lost her seat


One really must say a sincere well done to Jeremy Macon in St Saviour no1. He proved the doubters wrong and not forgetting to thank his mother


Marie 3 it is simple its not how big your Performance is in Jersey politics, It's how big is your farm


5 JEAN THE BEAN Poor show and that comment only appears to project a negative personality.

Bean About A Bit

Well done to Macon, but the other contenders must have been awful!


How on earth can St Helier warrent 10 Deputies !

and 5 in st saviour,10 too many deputies there for my liking , that'll save over £400k a year

St Ouen - egh?

Marie - I don't live in St Ouen but have a lot of friends who do and I think the general consensus was - the best of a weak bunch. If he had had a credible opposition he wouldn't be as happy today.

The Jersey Bull

#1 DJ Supporter,

Your assessment is quite right. I gather, after talking with many of those who did attend the hustings in Grouville, that they thought DJ, without any exception, demonstrated that he had all the professional qualities and overall ability that one would like to see in a sitting States Deputy.

And accordingly, there seemed to be no doubt that he definately out performed CL. Obviously, had the choice between these two been on an Island wide basis, then DJ would have walked away with a large margin victory - despite the possibilities of an inbuilt Jones/Potteries' self interest agenda, I think the Island in the long run, would have been better served.

And therein lays the rub! Because common sense tells us that all States Members, except Constables, should be voted into office solely on an Island wide basis. A necessary measure if we ever hope to ensure that we don't end up with some parochial idiot impeding the efforts of those who are attempting to deal with the serious social and economic issues facing this Island.

Unfortunately, we are plagued by a system that allows an inferior canditate to be voted into the States by a handful of inbred parochial voters who are terrified by any form of individual excellence or sound intellectual vision. Most of those voted into the States, especially those from St. Helier, not to mention St Ouen, would never see themselves occupying a seat in the States on an Island wide vote; the system must be changed to insure proper Island wide representation- regardless of cost and effort.


Deputy James Reed won by a high margin to retain his seat, he is a popular and well liked man in the Parish which is obvious by the outcome of the voting.

This vote had nothing to do with Education and everything to do with being the Deputy of St. Ouen which Mr Reed does extremely well.

As for the other candidates, maybe if they had put in a bit more effort they may have gained a few more supporters, it's all well and good sticking posters and placards all over the parish but knocking on a few doors and visiting people might've made the difference to parishioners views.


10 St.Ouen egh? sure you're talking about the same election..?by cri. They had a well educated professional who is both worldly and savvy....but was not percieved as one of 'them'ie: not a farmer ....for the first time in a long time they had a raal choice and failed to take it ...and yes I did support him and for the aforementioned reasons...?


Darcy I have to take issue with you can you say that it has nothing to do with education and everything to do with Reed...That was his job damn it ...he got railroaded by his officers and was not tough enough with them.being mr nice guy....let me tell you nice guys come last...maybe not in elections but in the real world he has failed in the position and annoyed many ...on an island wide vote he'd be are right nice ...but not effective and we need effective...he could not even effect the required 2% reduction required of him...then on election day and not before announces the closure of child care places in the where exactly are those parents to put those kids...? answers ?nice move mr nice.

Fair Play

DJ supporter and Jersey Bull what embittered clap trap. The so called professional businessman DJ who has flittered from one job to another lost because he didn't do the work. He didn't do the canvassing, had a temper tantrum when some of his posters got de-faced and removed them all. Only after advice when parishioners questioned if he had pulled out did he put some back up. He wasn't known in the parish before the election and he will be no where to be seen after.

Get a Life

What sad embittered bad looser comments by the DJ team above.


I do not live in Grouville, but I would imagine Mr Jones suffered from the Dandara effect that did for Mr Cohen.

Marc Jones

I voted for Reed because of his job as Deputy. He is highly thought of in St Ouen, and this came out in the absolute victory he achieved. He had over 800 and the nearest was 300.

As a Deputy he is great, and will stay there as long as he wants.

Truthseeker - by the looks of it, your life serves as a warning to others. If you vote for someone, it seems like a great reason for the majority not to!

Marc Jones

Ever going to use yoru real name truthseeker? Or are you Stuart Syvret in disguise? Come on, face the public!!!

The Jersey Bull

@ #15 & #16 -

15 - I have no personal agenda/business interests in either Grouville or St. Ouen. The issue in the attempted discussion concerns the consequences and differences between having an Island wide vote for Deputies as opposed to the blinkered parochial system currently in place - and has nothing to do with being embittered or a sore looser.

16 - An Island wide vote for all Deputies will raise the demand for a more suitably qualified, capable and widely accepted candidate to come forward. An Island wide vote will raise the level and serve everyone by delivering a better governing body - and will, no doubt, also tend to avoid the 'embittered clap trap' such as the petty parochial issue you mentioned concerning de-facing posters or in describing a candidates previous work history in the way you have - especially in light of what the opponent had to offer.

More than half the Members sitting in our States Assembly know that they couldn't secure enough Island wide votes to even first consider standing for election, let alone the remote possibility of ever being elected.

Only Constables (and parish officers) should be chosen, elected and PAID for by the residents of each Parish, a measure that would quickly show their real worth... On top of which, the Constables Committee should only have one representative seat and one vote in the States Assembly; a seat that they could fill, either on rotation or by a means of their own choosing. This would help cut the size and cost of the assembly down towards a reasonable number of around 36 members at most.

So if it isn't too much to ask, let's get the debate back on track by turning to the question and benefits of having an Island wide mandate in order to secure a seat in our States Assembly.

Marc Jones

Jersey Bull - I disagree completely with you on the Deputies - we already have island wide mandate positions in the Senators. The Deputies are to represent the Parish members at a level higher than that of the Constables.

If you made it island wide, then St Ouen would have no representatives other than the Constable in the States, so therefore woudl be unfair for them.

Senators are island wide.

Accordingly I do think you are disappointed about those you voted for, but James Reed as a Deputy is highly regarded and thought of in St Ouen, just because you live outside it - bad luck.