Constable sorry for email error


THE Constable of St Helier has apologised to ratepayers after an email was wrongly sent to 1,300 people including all of the recipients’ personal email addresses.

Simon Crowcroft said the parish reported the incident to the Office of the Information Commissioner as soon as the mistake was realised.

The email notified parishioners of the newly agreed parish rate.

The parish is now waiting to hear back from the Information Commissioner about what action needs to be taken.

Mr Crowcroft said the parish has since emailed all ratepayers to apologise for the mistake and staff have been told to be extra vigilant when emailing large groups of people.

He said: ‘We tried to recall the email as soon as we knew we had made the mistake but it had already been sent.

‘There was also a technical error which meant the wrong information was sent.

‘We were meant to send the rate demand after the [parish] assembly but instead we sent the rate assessment, which is not meant to go out until January. That was a technical problem which wasn’t our fault.’

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