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Basil the rat

You forgot the Lenny Henry Coconut Story.


The car key fob would have been caused by a magnetic current. Several years ago my car would not start although the start motor turned the engine over. I tried my other set of keys and it burst into life straight away. On inspection of the failed set of keys I had key fob that had a magnetic coin attached to it for use in a supermarket troll.


my favourite was the April fools story back in the 70's about a German soldier still living in a Bunker in St Peters, who thought the noise from the jets flying over was V2 rockets.

Sotte Voce

You wouldn't be allowed to run a story like that nowadays in case someone "took offence"

It's an irony that a story which poked fun at the nazis would now be censored by the same sort of people!


As a kid i heard the Canon Des Isles whilst looking for golf balls in the 70s in Grouville old man a vet of ww2 said it sounded like like big naval guns .. however it has been heard for centuries... so his theory was wrong lol ...some natural cause i guess