Letter to the Editor: Perhaps Jersey is ready for Labour’s policies

From Mike de Petrovsky


JERSEY, being an island of limited space, is already overpopulated with non-essential individuals, cars, dogs, cats and politicians. Vast sums of taxpayers’ earnings have been squandered on the employment of off-Island consultants, whose advice has never been followed up.

Anti-immigration views and racial hatred is endemic. Payments beyond the ordinary worker’s so-called ‘dreams of avarice’ are being handed out in resignation and pension pots to civil servants.

Rich kids parade in ripped jeans and trousers, costing absurd amounts of money for clothing most of us would have dumped, or that would have been patched by the truly poor.

The inhabitants of the oft-quoted ‘Monkey House’ dither and congeal over matters most humans, gifted with a modicum of common sense, would resolve in next to no time. A visit to our General Hospital is a sobering experience that demands reflection. I have yet to meet a Jersey consultant. The ones I have met are charming, modest, from – I guess – Africa, Asia, Eastern and Central Europe and who knows where else.

The nursing staff, overworked, underpaid and always polite, sympathetic, warm, gentle and often foreign, give their undivided attention.

When one contrasts the contribution the finance sectors and private enterprise make to our lives with those of the Hospital staff, one is left with a decided feeling of injustice.

Maybe our next off-Island consultant should be Jeremy Corbyn.

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Comments for: "Letter to the Editor: Perhaps Jersey is ready for Labour’s policies"


He really is a nasty bit of work, socialist workers party all over again


God forbid, should we really be taking advice from a Socialist and Anti-Semite? Look to Venezuela for the former's latest victim.


Name a period when the left where in power that the country was... well-off ..safe...etc ...most times the conservatives when back in power had to use drastic measures to stop us going bankrupt.


Can you name a period when the right were in power that didn't end in war, civil unrest and bloodshed?

Clearly both left and right have problems, so the middle is far better, and we wouldn't need drastic measures either way.


Jezza for Jersey? A great idea Mike. Go get him!


Corbyn and McDonnell are Marxists who believe in redistribution of wealth - in other words, theft. One has already called for homes of rich people to be seized to house those affected by the awful tower block blaze and McDonnell wants people to 'take to the streets'. The hard left socialists believe everything should be owned and controlled by the State and operate by getting as many as possible into state jobs or benefits and, despite purporting to represent the 'working class', they are very relaxed about mass immigration as this offers more potential votes. Corbyn should go to Venezuela to help out with their ruined economy - we don't want him!


I'm a consultant at the general, I'm from jersey. Stop talking nonsense.

Simple sense

Mr Petrovsky, I find your comments in the case of the hospital staff so very true, they are unfailingly cheerful and professional so I never fail to thank them and try to make them laugh. Such lovely people deserve our great respect and admiration. In fact I tend to agree with most of your comments but for the last. I respect Jesser for his steadfast adherence to socialist views although understanding why he holds them is much harder. He would be catastrophic for the economy and take us down the IMF bailout route again and in the case of Jersey equally bankrupt the Island. I have no time for tax evasion and funny money policies but to pretend that all Jersey does is dodgy tax business is plainly stupid. We have genuine and excellent expertise in the same work done in Luxembourg, Dublin and London and we are the equal of the best of those places. We each do what we are best at doing and although I worked in finance for 40 years I respect and admire our hospital staff for what they do, but just remember they would not enjoy my job and I would not enjoy theirs.


Perhaps Mike de Petrovsky is ready for London with all its culture, I think he will have no trouble getting someone to swop places with him? He should be careful he does not get trampled in the stampede.

Judge Judy

Although never in any doubt these few comments confirm that Jersey has been and remains staunchly Conservative. This actually means the vast majority of the island are greedy self serving individuals that do not really care for the poorer less fortunate in our community.

At least one comment on here has actually wrongly quoted the horrible right wing newspaper the Daily Mail, Jeremy Corbyn never did say that any property should be 'seized', he did say that empty properties should be utilized in this emergency. People with left wing views tend to be nicer more caring people.

Simple sense

Yes it is quite possibly true that Jersey is full of greedy self serving individuals just like all countries in the world. Sadly socialist policies never seem to work too well but then no one other than the very greedy few like rabid capitalism along with its unattractive consequences of fat cat bankers and the rest. The only workable system plays to human nature, which like it or not involves selfish greed 90% of the time. That is capitalism but tempered by governmental restrictions through tax and regulation. Never forget the single largest problem we have is youth unemployment and underemployment so we need a system that reacts to that challenge. Socialism with its command style economy simply cant do that and never has. Unless that is you think Venezuela and before then communist Russia and Eastern Europe were a success.


And yet conservatives give more to charity, I really think you've got it backwards.

Jersey Disruptor

What a miserable git! I think Jersey would be a much happier place without him. Instead of bringing Corbyn here, can we send him to England?

Basil the rat

Any kind of Socialist control in Jersey would wreck the Finance Industry and destroy confidence World Wide. Imagine buffoons like Deputies Mezec and Tadier representing Jersey, they would laugh at us.

Besides the UK Labour Party gains were only made by fanciful economic promises to students built upon funding lies.