Islanders to get access to UK mobile phone contracts?


THE Channel Islands mobile phone market could be transformed after a watchdog announced it was looking to negotiate with UK operators such as O2, EE and Three to allow islanders to take contracts out with them.

Such contracts are significantly cheaper and now offer free roaming across Europe, which with some operators includes Jersey and Guernsey.

Michael Byrne, chief executive of the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities, said that the current mobile phone market in the islands was ‘not sustainable’.

This week roaming charges for all phone users in the EU were abolished.

This means that UK mobile users can use their regular allowance of calls, texts and data for no extra cost anywhere inside the European Union.

Because Jersey and Guernsey are not part of the EU, islanders will not automatically benefit from the changes.

However, two of the UK’s largest mobile providers – 02 and EE – have now confirmed to the JEP that they have struck a deal so that their pay-monthly customers will also benefit from free roaming in Jersey and Guernsey.

Jersey’s three mobile phone providers – Airtel-Vodafone, JT and Sure – said that they had no plans to reciprocate with a similar deal for islanders.

Mr Byrne said the current approach in Jersey and Guernsey was ‘unsustainable’ and was inhibiting business development.

Many Channel Islanders are currently not allowed to sign up to UK contracts. An EE spokesman said that only islanders with strong ties to the UK – those who spend 60 out of every 120 days in the UK – could take out contracts.

Mr Byrne said that he wanted to change that to give islanders access to the more competitive UK market.

He said: ‘What we want to look at is how to make the Channel Islands a more attractive proposition for UK operators.

‘We are not seeing enough proactive engagement with the three local operators so we want to see if there are options with UK operators to offer deals to people in the Channel Islands.’

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Comments for: "Islanders to get access to UK mobile phone contracts?"

Island Strife

Why are we only part of the EU when it suits big businesses or Politicians ?

Funny how this new legislature doesn't apply here but we are unable to refuse entry to unchecked migration as we are part of THAT part of the EU.

Only when it suits eh . . .

Disgraceful big business money grabbing profiteering from a captive market - the Jersey Way.

No doubt the decision to allow UK operators to supply contracts to the Channel Islands will take years and years to happen, if ever even allowed, while JT and the other companies squeeze every last penny available from us before being forced to change by the either the toothless CIRCA or our equally inept politicans who, lets not forget are supposed to be elected to serve the public and our best interests.

Unless of course there's more money to be made dragging out appeals about this for a decade first.



Unfortunately this is complete rubbish... Uk Telco's are not allowed to sell into the UK under the regulations defined by the EU. So you have just wasted your time reading this... Another JEP winner!


**EDIT** sell into the Jersey **obvs**

Grumpy Git

So what happened to the normal phrase our politicians choose to use when it suits: "We must follow the UK on this".

Finbarr Saunders

So anyone from the UK can roam in Europe for next to no cost, yet we can fleeced. Sounds like rip off Jersey again. Why not just do the right think and allow Jersey to benefit?

JT have just announced massive profits and now we know why. Overcharging.

Devil's Advocate

The UK operators are simply absorbing the additional cost of roaming in the islands because they can - only a small percentage of their customer base will roam in the islands. However, it is not the same for the local operators - a much higher percentage of their customers will roam in the UK and europe where the UK and european telecom networks will charge higher prices to the local operators simply because they're allowed to. They will still charge roamers from non-european destinations higher fees as well.

C Le Verdic

Come on, Jersey. You want to be different and not part of the UK. You can't have it both ways.

What would be nice would be if UK phone subscribers weren't fleeced for phoning Jersey but should we be surprised if the telecom providers think that people must be phoning Jersey about their money and therefore must have plenty to splash about.