Fire crews tackle grass fires

Firefighters in Regent Road Picture: FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE

FIREFIGHTERS have tackled two grass fires today.

They were first called out at about 11 am to deal with a small grass fire on Regent Road. The police also attended.

They were then called out at about 3.30 pm following reports of a fire in a field behind Langley Avenue. The fires broke out as temperatures in Jersey reached about 30c.

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Comments for: "Fire crews tackle grass fires"


Well our lazy Constables will allow land owners, to leave hedge cuttings on the

roads and pavements, or thrown back onto road banks, then they fall into

road and block drains. or catch fire.

I would like to see the Constables of St saviour and of St Martin in

the Royal Court for not up holding the law.

Come on J e p show some pictures of this , name and shame.

Road to the hospital in St Saviour.

Road to Archirondel on top of hill St Martin.