Care cancelled as dispute escalates


A THIRD of clients being looked after at home by Family Nursing & Home Care have had their care cancelled at late notice as a dispute between the charity and its staff escalates.

Home-care staff at the organisation are threatening mass legal action while they fight to block a new contract and charity bosses say they have no option but to reduce the number of clients they care for.

Senior managers say that the move is due to ‘ongoing staff issues’, which include a number of members of staff deciding to leave at late notice.

The organisation has said that clients who are affected will be passed on to other providers.

Among those affected is 86-year-old Simone Liron, who has been forced into an unnecessary extended stay in hospital after her care was cut without notice.

She had received daily care from the charity but was admitted to hospital last Tuesday after a fall at home.

And despite being discharged on Thursday, she was told that she could not go home as the care she usually received had been withdrawn.

Her grandson Johnny Liron said that his grandmother would be hospital-bound until alternative care arrangements could be found.

In a statement, FNHC said: ‘The charity confirms that around one third of its clients are in the process of being transferred to alternative care providers. This is being carried out in conjunction with staff from the Health and Social Services Department.

‘Employment legislation in Jersey allows employees up to the end of their notice period (which in this case is 25 June 2017) to decide whether or not they wish to sign a revised contract.

‘However, since last week (week commencing 5 June), a number of staff who had indicated they wished to remain employees of FNHC have decided they no longer wish to stay with the charity.

'This change in staffing numbers, at this late stage in the process, has placed FNHC and its home care clients in an extremely difficult situation.’

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Comments for: "Care cancelled as dispute escalates"

constables out

Wonder how much these "Charity bosses" earn for themselves?

If like some international charities it won't be a small amount compared to those at the "sharp" end of their work

Judge Judy

Family Nursing and Home Care should be provided by the Social Services or have they changed the name recently.

This dispute should have been sorted out weeks or even months ago. Home Care staff are being treated abysmally and I'm wondering where our elected representatives have been.

Typical of our politicians to keep their heads down when they really should be earning their salaries.

This could be a wake up call as I do predict a Summer of discontent given the lot we have running our island at the moment. It's their way or no way and the people who vote them in will will also be able to get rid of them or at least stop this dictatorial type of government.

karaoke joe

I am saddened that it has come to this. I however support the staff in their dispute with management. This is now having a knock on effect where people who cannot care for themselves at home are blocking much needed hospital beds. Another example of adopting UK policies. When in the Island, have we had so many disputes with employers shafting the workforce ?

a point of view

One day we might see 4 women leading a meeting of a roomful of men, but don't hold your breath.

Sotte Voce

Gordon Murray found something resembling this at a BBC department in the 1960s and reported an inevitable decline in standards.

spiritual warrior

An absolute disgrace and the Chairman , Committee and Senior staff should go.

How can you be FNHC without Home Care.!

Bunch of idiots at the top and a terrible way to treat long serving , dedicated and lower paid staff who have worked for the charity for years.

Mind these are the idiots who also used the " Jersey Way " to oust Ms. Huchet after 24 years service so a leopard doesn't change its spots.

Take them over please and get rid of the rubbish at the top.


Very sad to see this state of affairs as an ex staff member. The CEO leaving at such a time has not helped at all and left the organisation in a very bad way with two senior managers left to carry things forward.

Go back to 2010/2011 all was looking really good with a new CEO a much better financial position and happy staff.

spiritual warrior

I think La La land comes to mind Granny.? What you saw as so wonderfully good, cannot go so badly wrong in such a short time.Honeymoon period comes to mind.FNHC is now a " sick organisation " and needs to be taken over before there is more affect on patient care.


Not lala land spiritual warrior. Did you work there?


FNHC had funding cut by the Health Department. This led to privatization of FNHC. Now their clients will have to pay market rates. This is the start of private health care in Jersey.