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Bob Boner

I thought they already did with propping up Condom


If this was a profitable venture Condor would not need anyone, never-mind Government, to underwrite it.

If it's a sound business plan, financials which make sense and a projected success Condor can crack on alone. Otherwise, why should we be supporting a speculative business venture?


The public need to understand that ferry / airline tickets cost what that do. One only has to look at the ignorance posted on a certain face book page directed at Condor Ferries in which presumably financially strapped people complain that a return ticket to the UK for a family and car is £500 ! Do these people of limited intelligence appreciate how much it costs to operate ferries and aircraft ???? If something is out of reach, or you are poor, why brag and moan about it !!!

Timbo Slice

Sounds like Guernsey politicians have better sense than our bunch of numpties - as far as I'm aware they still have no parking charges, no GST, no impending sewage tax (their cr*p feeds the fish) and enough experience to not be duped into yet another business misadventure.