States to underwrite inter-island ferry service?


TALKS are continuing between Jersey and Condor to operate a ferry between Jersey and Guernsey which could run several times a day, Economic Development Minister Lyndon Farnham has said.

His comments come after it was revealed on Thursday that a plan for both islands to jointly underwrite a new summer service had fallen through after Guernsey politicians deemed it financially unviable.

Asked if he thought it was fair that Guernsey could potentially benefit from a service underwritten by Jersey, Senator Farnham said: ‘It would be very easy to just cut it off [the plan] but I think it is important to act in the interests of the people of Jersey who have called for something like this to be introduced.

‘My position is that Jersey could still underwrite it. There are other ways in which Guernsey could support it, for example by waiving harbour fees or getting their tourism department to publicise it.’

Last month, staff from Condor were allegedly spotted on-board a 41-seater cataman, Gardian 14, in St Peter Port Harbour. It is understood that the vessel is for sale or available for charter.

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