RNLI officials meet sacked coxwain


SENIOR officials from the RNLI met former St Helier coxswain Andy Hibbs on Thursday as part of his appeal against his dismissal by the organisation.

Last month, the 25-strong crew walked out in protest over the matter, which concerns an alleged breach of conduct.

The crew have vowed to stand by Mr Hibbs, who had served with the organisation for 24 years, saying they will not return to man the lifeboat station unless their former coxswain is reinstated. A crew has been brought in from the UK as cover.

A RNLI spokesperson said: ‘The meeting with Andy Hibbs makes up just one of the many steps the RNLI will take as part of the fair and robust internal review into his challenge.'

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Comments for: "RNLI officials meet sacked coxwain"


So let me get this right the RNLI are investigating themselves only one outcome

Here then, surely this should be done by an independent body to ensure a fair play.

Squawkie L Pelican

This is dragging on a bit.