Feelunique moves finance posts to UK


ONLINE cosmetics retailer Feelunique is moving the majority of its finance team to Northampton, with the loss of six jobs.

The company, which was founded in the Island, says that it has found it difficult to recruit finance staff in Jersey with relevant experience of online retail.

In a statement the company also says that it will be beneficial for the finance team to be located with the operations and supply chain teams in Northampton.

Chief operating officer Jim Buckle said: ‘The strong financial services sector in Jersey means that the majority of those with financial qualifications are drawn to that sector. There are relatively few people in Jersey with either the experience or interest in working in a fast-paced, e-commerce business. This makes vacancies hard to fill.’

Feelunique says that all staff involved were offered the opportunity to relocate to Northampton or consider alternative vacancies in Jersey, but none have taken up this offer.

The move follows the relocation in 2015 of warehousing at St Peter’s Technical Centre to the UK, with up to 51 jobs lost in the Island.

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Comments for: "Feelunique moves finance posts to UK"


Surprise surprise. Just like in 2015 when it was sold making the owner millions, the actual people, the workers and staff who built the business from scratch working all hours for the guy have ALL been left out in the cold and put out like the tr a sh with absolutely NO com pen sa tion or redundancy packages, just a weeks wage notice. Of course no one is going to up sticks and relocate their whole family to the UK, that is obvious. This is another case proving trust no one, the boss certainly will not value you or your time and effort ever, that is a certainty. The arrogance of some disgusts me.

karaoke joe

Such a shame. Maybe if they could have relocated their offices to the new finance centre being built and gotten favourable rental rates to keep costs down ,they may have been able to pay staff more. Just saying.