Jersey ministers spend £1,500 a day on Tory spin doctor


A FORMER Tory spin doctor and Downing Street special adviser has been paid £18,000 for 12 days’ work advising Jersey’s ministers, the JEP can reveal.

The bill to employ Ramsay Jones – which works out at £1,500 a day and has been footed by taxpayers – is on top of the £33,500 paid to UK PR company Portland Communications to help ministers answer questions from the international press once the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry report becomes public.

The Portland spending was revealed in the States this week. There was no mention during the sitting of the contract with Mr Jones.

Asked if the spending represented value for taxpayers, Chief Minister Ian Gorst reiterated comments made in response to the questions on the Portland arrangement.

‘It is important that government is prepared for the anticipated national and international interest in the report of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry,' he said.

Full story in Friday's JEP.



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Comments for: "Jersey ministers spend £1,500 a day on Tory spin doctor"


If you tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, why do you need a spin doctor?


Because the version of the truth they want to tell is different to the version of the truth that happened..... Clearly.....


If we are paying that much for Mr Jones, why not go the whole hog and let him run the whole show? We could then dispense completely with the second rate 'pupils' who need coaching on how to respond to a report that they themselves commissioned. Mightn't be such bad value for money after all......


If your answering truthfully you don't need to pay for the services of a spin doctor.More wasted money...they never learn!


Just another waste of taxpayers money, no wonder taxes are going up constantly to pay for this scandalous practice. The amount of money paid to this one non job is the equivalent of a years low workers wages.

Disgusting. Gorst should be ashamed.

The Crimson Horse Blanket

This is the knee-jerk response to Walker getting caught with his proverbials down by Paxman and again when he attempted to hold a press conference without Syvret but sort of forgot to ask Syvret.

Finding Me:Mo

I could have saved us taxpayers north of £60k. and rising.

Ian all you have to remember is Deflect,Deny, Discredit, Dismiss, Distance And Delivered already.

Of course add you usual umm urrs nrrg ,liberally ,to show the public speaking training hasn't worked either.

Sotte Voce

I was watching a history channel program on Hitler a moment ago. The presenter made great play of the fact that young Adolf reinvented himself with the aid of an image consultant (aka "spin doctor").

It is reassuring to note that some of our states members are adopting at least one of the great man's political tactics.