More bus shelters planned for Jersey


SEVEN locations have been identified by the Infrastructure Department as potential sites for new bus shelters.

The department has now launched a consultation on the sites and has asked Islanders to submit their comments by Friday 28 April.

The potential locations in St Helier are: Route du Fort westbound at Cleveland Road car park, Trinity Road southbound at Trinity Gardens and Janvrin Road northbound at Springfield Stadium.

Meanwhile, Grande Route de la Côte westbound at Avalon Park in St Clement, Les Nouvelles Charrières de Bonne Nuit at the bus terminus layby in St John, Route de St Aubin eastbound at Bel Royal Gardens and Longueville Road westbound at Rue des Prés Trading Estate have also been proposed as potential sites.

JEP Opinion: Click here.


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Comments for: "More bus shelters planned for Jersey"

The grif

Glad to hear this but we have been requesting bus shelters for years now at Beaumont it's extremely cold wet and windy there whilst waiting for buses both sides of the road so why not?


why not get the petit train then you benest! cold wet and windy. Should the bus company control the weather too? both sides of the road.... you must lead an exciting life...


well done idiots...planted right in the middle of a beautiful view....all we need now is one of those rip-off coffee shops next to it...just like st aubins.!


did you forget we live on an island with 360 views. You must be an easily person to please. I agree with you on st.aubins though. Only deck shoes at pringle jumpers allowed straight off the jetty.