Rider ignored two red lights with young children at junctions

Advocate Lauren Glynn, defending, said that her client accepted that he had been at fault but said that at the time he needed to go to the toilet because of a medical condition.

A MOTHER who was teaching her three-year-old son about road safety on a pedestrian crossing in Bath Street was left ‘terrified’ after a motorcyclist drove through a red light in front of them.

The angry mother reported the actions of the motorcyclist to the police, and told officers that she was telling her son about the need to wait for the ‘green man’ to appear when the bike was driven through the crossing.

The woman, who also had a nine-month-old child with her, said to the police: ‘How can I teach my three-year-old about road safety when drivers don’t stick to the rules? It is such unnecessary behaviour.’

It was the second time on the same day that the 62-year-old, of Victoria Cottage Homes, St Saviour, had been reported for going through a red light when a woman with young children was using a crossing.

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