Islanders show support for Fort at special activities day

Sam Neale (16) from Regent Gym Club in action on the trampoline Picture: JON GUEGAN (17738042)

DOZENS of Islanders took part in a host of activities at Fort Regent yesterday to show support for the facility, which has been threatened with closure.

Everything from gymnastics sessions, karate classes and music lessons were offered free of charge as part of the Fort For All Day.

Many of the sports clubs based there have been left worried about their future after Assistant Economic Development Minister Steve Pallett warned that unless the States or a private firm made a significant investment, the Fort might have to close in the next few years because of health and safety concerns.

Roy McDonald, chief instructor of Jersey Kenpo Karate, teaches more than 150 adults and 30 adults at the Fort and said he would be worried if a private investor was to come on board.

More pictures in Monday's JEP.





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