‘Impressive’ bus service mentioned in Parliament

Liberty Bus

JERSEY’S bus service has had ‘impressive results’ since it was taken over by LibertyBus in 2013, a Labour MP has said during a debate at Westminster.

Shadow Transport Minister Daniel Zeichner said that the partnership contract between the States and LibertyBus to run the service had been ‘successful’ and customer satisfaction had improved since it was implemented.

LibertyBus took over Jersey’s bus routes from Connex in 2013 and, despite initial setbacks, passenger numbers have increased by almost a third. Under the arrangement, LibertyBus and the States share profits made by the service. Mr Zeichner’s comments came during a debate on whether more franchising of bus networks, such as the LibertyBus arrangement, should be introduced in the UK.




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Comments for: "‘Impressive’ bus service mentioned in Parliament"


Minister Daniel Zeichner has obviously never tried to get a bus in Jersey during the winter months, as he

would quickly realise what a crass statement he just made!!!


I think that Liberty Bus have a good service, even in the Winter months. The West of the Island is covered by about 7 routes and the East another 5. Where do you live? The Ecrehous?

Sotte Voce

That's why he's a Corbyn muppet and nowhere near real office, thank goodness!

Tony B

Doubt she's ever caught a bus in London.

Mickey Mouth

To be fair the bus service is good, on the main routes.


Who said 'everyone' is satisfied with the bus service - the bus service from where I live is dreadful, the display telling you where you are on route never works, neither does the bell! We are told to stand up when nearing the stop so the driver can see us - how on earth can the elderly do that with their shopping in their hands! I couldn't believe what I was reading.

Tony B

Just like London then. Private companies consider servicing vehicles yo be an unwarented attack on the profit margin. The Jersey system of payment to Liberty bus is clone of the TFL systemso why not qoute that 'Success'?


H-H sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, cannot get a bus back to Trinity when i finish at 18.00, so have to use my car or get picked up, don't believe everything you read !!!