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karaoke joe

Will it reduce taxes for the minions ? if it is that great.

Finding Me:Mo

I think that he is generating instability in the Government of Jersey, unlike him, his Minister for Foreign Affairs clearly wants to take the opportunity to reduce the reliance on Britain . Who are we to believe, who is answering any questions ,who is masquerading as acting in the best interests of the people of Jersey .

Ian Gorsts pathetic and pitiful response to questions in the States on Tuesday and the sneering schoolboy yahooing of some of his colleagues shows the impoverished depths of this Council of Ministers.

Squawkie L Pelican

It's a shambles.


More important would be him establishing a relationship with the public. He leads a COM that does not see itself as being answerable to the public (except at election time). I don't think I have ever known a Jersey government that has set itself so far apart from the public as much as this one. Cultivating relationships begins at home Mr Gorst.

The Crimson Horse Blanket

He is hardly going to have Jersey's best interests at heart anyway as he only arrived here from the UK comparatively recently.

Mickey Mouth

Great caption competition photo. My entry is: 'I am holding in my hands all the successful policies I have introduced during my political career'.


There are a lot of people who have only arrived here from other places comparatively

recently, most will work and play hard put a lot back into Island life, but this bloke

has lost the plot as a leader of our States and should go.


A fairer better world where working people should not be bled dry by paying more tax because the corporations and banks don't pay their fair share. Sorry folks, not on Chief Minister Gorst agenda, just tax and put more charges on the general population and stay close to the UK.

Then we vote these idiots in who have lost all sense of balance.


In total, FTSE 100 companies have 1,685 subsidiaries in UK Crown dependencies such as Jersey, or overseas territories such as the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Bermuda and Gibraltar.


He only wants a Knighthood.


Gorst: more important than ever is your relationship with your public. But late now, but any time you want to start.....