Centre for victims of sex attacks open soon

Detective Chief Inspector Alison Fossey, of the States police

VICTIMS of sexual assault and rape will be able to visit a new support centre from next month.

The Island’s first sexual assault referral centre – which will be called Dewberry House – is nearing completion and adverts for staff will soon go live. It will be located in Plaisance Terrace, Route du Fort, opposite Howard Davis Park.

A budget of £430,000 over the next three years has been set aside for staff costs, including £130,000 this year.

Detective Chief Inspector Allison Fossey said the force and those behind the project had been busy getting the building up to standard.

Home Affairs Minister Kristina Moore said there had been some delays in the opening of the centre but she hoped it would be running before the end of April.




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Comments for: "Centre for victims of sex attacks open soon"


If DI Fossey (as she was) had had her way I'd have been jailed due to false accusations of rape. Hopefully these centres will give the liars and fantasists an outlet along with genuine victims of sexual assault without ruining innocent men's lives.


Yes, she's some woman! I cringed when she was one of the nominees for 'Woman of the year'.

I do sympathise with you but try and remember that as awful as that is (being falsely accused), just because it happened to you does not mean that every woman is a liar and a fantasist and there's no such thing as rape.

There are very real preditors out there disguised as pillars of the community, working in protective roles who have used their position to prey on vulnerable people and when caught out, have the very likes of DI Flossey to (try) use the arm of the law to silence such victims.

It's a pity you don't have a professional relationship with the DI, that's the way for any accusation, whether true or false to be binned.

Sotte Voce

She certainly seems to have an enthusiastic and perhaps slightly unhealthy interest in the subject!

Sotte Voce

She certainly seems to have an enthusiastic and perhaps slightly unhealthy interest in the subject.