Kensington Place land for new Hospital to cost £9.5m

New hospital site. Kensington Place. The Revere Hotel. Picture: JON GUEGAN
The new hospital will be built at the rear of the current building and over the site of two hotels, one of which is the Revere in Kensington Place

A TOTAL of £9.5 million has been allocated to buy the land on which the future hospital will be based, a Scrutiny panel has been told.

And John Rogers, chief officer for the Infrastructure Department, said that he hoped to deliver the whole project ‘significantly below’ the current budget of £466 million.

However, he stressed to the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel yesterday that the ‘biggest risk’ of the project was finding a competitive and interested contractor to carry out the work.

The panel, chaired by Deputy John Le Fondré, also heard that the new facility was likely to account for £323 million of the total projected cost.

Will Gardiner, of Jersey Property Holdings, said that from the total project figure, other costs had been budgeted, including £69 million for inflation costs during the works and £17 million for contingency plans such as the removal of asbestos or dealing with radon on the current site.



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Hey Ho, its Jersey .

Squawkie L Pelican

Well done John, your desperate wailing should have bumped up the price a few quid.