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So the new centre cost to build £3m using recycled waste and continues to cost the tax payer more than its worth.

No-one for was this did they!!!

Sotte Voce

"Fly tipping" is probably an over dramatic term to describe people just leaving rubbish where the bin used to be. People tend to ignore obstructive bureaucracy.

Still, it will give the "task force" a means to justify its existence. One wonders if the members of this task force will display any behavioural overlap with the honorary police. If so, we can anticipate all sorts of peculiar antics.

Timbo Slice

When I read about this "special task force", my mind suddenly wanders to a 1980s-style American stake-out, with two undercover cops, parked opposite the ex-bin area, scoffing donuts through the night, and staring through binoculars from 20 feet away, ready with their badge & loaded guns to nail these criminal scums of the earth. Normally they would shoot the first suspect, leading to a long chase by car and then by foot, to eventually catch, cuff, and arrest the other.

Anyway, back to Jersey's grim reality, the only similarity would be the donuts. It'll probably cost well over £5,000 of public money, with the end result of a £100 fine for the accused guilty party.

Still, until we get taxed for imaginative thinking, I'm happy to keep dreaming of somebody saying "Go ahead punk, make my day".

Simple sense

Great! You come back to your mooring in the old harbour after your trip away for the weekend, parking your car issues aside, and as you struggle up the steps from the dinghy carrying your plastic bags of food waste, cans and bottles ready to carefully place them in the recycling bins you find them all gone. The "helpful" sign says you can take them to the recycling facilities at La Collette when they are open on Monday morning. But its Sunday night! Don't you just love Jersey Harbours! Now you know why the market in second hand boats is on its knees, with empty spaces in the marinas.

Sotte Voce

Sadly, TTS or whatever it's called now like to "withdraw facilities" when they become well used and then wonder why people go on leaving rubbish in the same place where the bins should be. They provoke the public and then misuse the term "fly tipping" when it's nothing of the sort.


Just for the record this facility has nothing to do with TTS (now DfI) it was actually DfI who promoted the introduction of these facilities about 9 years ago.... Jersey Harbours now use a private contractor to collect their waste, which actually costs more money per annum to provide the service and less sites to collect from!.....get your facts right before you shoot the gun!

Sotte Voce

Ah, yes, the cop out. One arm of the States of Jersey uses a private contractor and therefore tries to abdicate responsibility for itself and other states departments.

"It's not us, gov'nor, its those people what we hired".

I wonder if they have a proper contract in place with clauses relating to obligations and that small matter of common sense?

Methinks that obstructing and annoying the tax paying public would not be in there and if it were, it would surely be unenforceable.

So, to summarise, TTS (now Dfi) needs to wake up to its political and statutory duties and get this nonsense sorted out.

Squawkie L Pelican

Were any of the culprits visitors who paid a fee?

Put the fee up a few pence and reinstate the bins Harbours.


Ports of Jersey should charge all people who use boats in our waters a fee, we have to pay

for old age.its about time people who use boats chip into the pot .

They leave their boats in car parks ,wash and paint them and leave the rubbish

for some one to clean up and all for free.

Boat people have had it to good for to long ,very cheap marina and mooring fees.


I saw a local businessman dump a load of inappropriate rubbish in one of these harbour coins a few weeks ago !


Wait until the next elections when we get another load of Sam Mezec / Reform Jersey Manifestos that are not worth the paper they are written on being 'fly-tipped' through doors.

Mark my words it will be the same un-deliverable BS as last time.


But we expect the same BS from you every time.