Harbour area is plagued by fly-tippers

Mike Tait: ‘We have a good idea who is doing a lot of this – the trouble is trying to catch them red-handed’ Picture: ROB CURRIE (17695598)

A PORTS manager has criticised the behaviour of a small minority of ‘selfish’ Islanders who persist in fly-tipping waste at the Harbour – less than a mile from the new waste centre.

Following the opening of the facility at La Collette, recycling bins were taken away from South Pier and replaced with a single bin for marina users. However, following repeated instances of abuse at the site, it has had to be removed.

The incidents represent the latest cases of fly-tipping which have blighted a number of locations around the Island.

In order to combat the issue, it was recently announced that a special task force was to be set up by the Infrastructure Department, funded by the new business waste disposal charges.

Anyone who has any information regarding cases of fly-tipping is asked to call the Environment Department’s pollution hotline in confidence, on 709535 or email envprotection@gov.je.



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