Governor keen to back mental health charities

The new Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey, Sir Stephen Dalton

JERSEY’S new Lieutenant-Governor has said he plans to promote the work of mental health charities in the Island during his five-year tenure in Government House.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton (left), who was sworn into office as the Queen’s new representative in Jersey on Monday, says he is well aware of the altruistic tendency among Islanders to volunteer for good causes, and he insists he is also keen to contribute.

Sir Stephen (62) – the former professional head of the Royal Air Force – said he intends to raise awareness of mental health conditions in Jersey.

He said: ‘I am extremely conscious that the people here have a fantastic reputation for supporting a huge variety of charitable activities, which for a community of this size is outstanding. I am very keen to support the work of those charities which support people whose mind and mental state is troubled.

Read the full Saturday interview in the JEP.




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