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Did any of the flight deck and passengers have the same problems.... i would have to assume that everyone was seated during the landing.

Finding Me:Mo

I find Easyjet a very effective airline and use them frequently and will continue to do so.

But this story does not make sense, crew do not fall ill from a firm landing ,what they may do is communicate to management that they regard the flying of an individual as being a health risk? If so they have just done that!

Island Strife

Wow - you should join MI5 mate.

You'd clean up the world in a matter of months with your knowledge on literally everything. - how did you lean to know everything that people think or feel ?

Were you the real winner of the quickening ?

I guess I don't have to explain what that was since you no doubt already know hey.

Mickey Mouth

Agree - I don't think we are getting the full story here.


Very confusing story can you elaborate what caused this illness and allegedly only two people (cabin crew) were affected on the plane


And a 'firm landing' is what exactly? And how could it cause illness????

The Crimson Horse Blanket

The cabin crew happened to see Murray Norton's taxpayer funded, reserved airport parking space and understandably became somewhat nauseous at this monument to states abuse of the taxpaying public.

Finding Me:Mo

I am accused above of knowing it all, but you must be wrong CHB as the visibility was down to LESS than 400 m!


But the pile of applications for the aircraft registrar must be visible from orbit, let alone 400m.. Why else does he have a parking space up there to process so much work....

Sotte Voce

That parking space shines like a beacon, a beacon of tolerance which is part of the fabric of Jersey life. I wonder if the Lieutenant Governor has a space, presumably not, because he gets to ride in the black limo that, inexplicably, has no registration mark.