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Sorry Mr Gorst - you didn't need any help from anyone else, you and your cronies managed to deliver

instability all by yourselves !!!


I don't know why CM Gorst would not give a simple answer, but one Minister and one Chief Officer resigning over this is right and proper. More resignations are not necessary.

Squawkie L Pelican

Gorst made himself the squeaky weakling, emboldened by his entourage, again.

The man's a joke.

Sotte Voce

Gorst's unstatesmanlike comments were reported as a breach of the standing order regarding proper conduct, but were, predictably, held to be acceptable-

-this stands in contrast to the bailiff's unilateral and ill advised action last year when Deputy Tadier made use of a religious analogy in the house and was excluded, at public expense, for a period of time, thus holding up public business. The bailiff subsequently realised his error, but oddly, no apology was forthcoming.

Squawkie L Pelican

That plump and excessive six-figure salary has made that big head even bigger.

Sotte Voce

He won't even be writing his own speeches soon once the £90,000 "assistant" in his office is appointed, probably from the UK.

Finding Me:Mo

Spot the body language. Those newels on the back of the seat in front of the chief Minister are getting unmercifully twisted ,tweaked and pinched. Watch the videos!

The Bailiff did eventually get a retraction from him of 'masquerade' as impugning deceit , but that is a double edged sword as Deputy Tadier cannot use the word either , as in connection with 'Council of Ministers'.


The question by Deputy Tadier was simple, would Minister's Maclean and Farnham also be resigning as they like Senator Ozouf signed off large amounts of public money without proper due dilligence therefore losing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Chief Minister Gorst accused reform of trying to " destablise " the Government.

" We don't want a witch hunt " said Gorst.

In " Minister speak " this means we don't want anyone to be held fully accountable including the wonderful Senator Ozouf who did an excellent job.

Well done Deputy Tadier, if nothing else you have shown how shallow and incompetent the leadership is, by being unable or not willing to answer a reasonable question repeated seven times for clarity.


As if Montfort Tadier has ever achieved or done anything worth while in politics. All he ever does it throw cheap shots at the real States Members who do the work. Sometimes I wonder Abaddon whether you are the clown himself.


if "real" States members actually did "real" work, then there wouldn't be any room for Tadier to make cheap shots.

Its the shoddy rubbish they fob us off with that gives Reform so much ammo. If the COM did a proper job, then there wouldn't be room for Reform or complaints....

And you wouldn't need multiple accounts either...

Joe Le Gros

Sarah Ferguson looks very uncomfortable sitting in the middle of that lot.

The eight top Jersey politicians........................ Boy are we in trouble.