Start-up fund report sparks heated words

Words were exchanged in the States yesterday between Chief Minister Ian Gorst and Deputy Montfort Tadier.

THE Chief Minister became embroiled in a heated exchange with the Reform Party yesterday and accused them of trying to ‘deliver instability’ in the Island.

During States questions, Senator Ian Gorst was repeatedly asked by Deputies Montfort Tadier, Sam Mézec and Geoff Southern whether Economic Development Minister Lyndon Farnham and/or Treasury Minister Alan Maclean had offered to resign, or had been asked to do so following the damning report into the Jersey Innovation Fund.

Over recent years, both Senators Farnham and Maclean have had political responsibility for the fund, which issued hundreds of thousands of pounds in loans to start-up companies – loans which are unlikely to be repaid.

Not satisfied with the response given, the Reform Party members accused the Chief Minister of failing to answer the question and of prolonging issues surrounding the fund.

In response, Senator Gorst said that he understood that Deputies Mézec, Tadier and Southern saw themselves as ‘the opposition party to the government’ and everything that happened in the Assembly.





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