Brexit: ‘An opportunity for more independence’

Senator Bailhache’s comments come as his department launches a campaign called Jersey: Let’s Talk Brexit, which is asking Islanders to share their hopes and concerns over Brexit.

JERSEY should seize the ‘opportunity’ of Brexit to consider greater independence from the UK and setting up a Channel Islands confederacy with Guernsey, the External Relations Minister has said.

Speaking to the JEP during a visit to Brussels to meet EU officials, Senator Philip Bailhache said that he wanted a key theme of the debate over Brexit to be whether Jersey should take more control over its own affairs and possibly form a new jurisdiction with other Channel Islands.

Such a splinter from the UK could create another headache for the British government, which is already facing the increased likelihood of independence in Scotland and Northern Ireland, both of which voted in favour of Remain during last year’s EU referendum.

Speaking from the Channel Islands Brussels office, the minister, who has previously called for greater independence to be considered, said that the issue of sovereignty had been brought into the open by the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.



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Comments for: "Brexit: ‘An opportunity for more independence’"

Squawkie L Pelican

Whatever is best for us, the mainland don't give a monkeys.

The sooner we cut loose the better.


It might be better to have a clear view of the likely advantages and disadvantages first!

Squawkie L Pelican

I'm still on the fence actually, if Brexit is a success we should stay.

Frankly, I think the English are about to get their pants pulled down by a Europe eager to take out it's frustrations on somebody, we should quietly exit before we become collateral damage.

Finding Me:Mo

Siren voices with their own self serving agenda. We cannot afford much greater autonomy either financially or politically, and certainly not the price of a Bailhache led independence .A 'Jerxit ', is as frightening as the directionless and ill conceived Brexit or the now clearly ego driven ' don't take anything I say literally ' Trump boardroom coup.

Please retire and take your brother with you.

Squawkie L Pelican

Aww come on, apart from having to kiss the ring, every time you pay homage to Archimandrite Baillache, independence wouldn't be much unlike what it is now. Apart from the TA would be gone and the Privy council, which sound like a load of frilly bib wearing toilet inspectors and some other constitutional stuff which I don't understand, but I'm sure could be explained away in a newspaper article.

... and that whining drivel Belle Isle Jerri, I want something by Sergeant Pipons about getting drunk and kicking dustbins over...

... and even closer ties with Russia, we could learn a lot from a country that has a presidential calendar, Russel Labey covered in baby oil would sufficiently brighten my April though...

... and immigration controls that control immigration...

... and Option A...

Independence, whoo.

Finding Me:Mo

Apologies Sqwakie your post only came up after I had clicked submit.

Why keep it at an independent Jersey? Let's make it a United Vingtaine of Greater Jersey with each Vingtaine having full local autonomy but Greater Jersey realising its historical claim on BirTawil ( look it up if you don't believe me) and increasing our land mass 20 times. We can then establish offshore offshore offices for The Philips B+ O there.

Like the Russian connections too , we could use the Jersey Reds as ' peaceful people ' and visit countries about to have elections dressed as burly Cossacks that smile menacingly at people as Russia did in Crimea and the Republic of Sprska.

The World is our lobster!

Timbo Slice

We should never have stopped being French. Sure their country is in as much of a mess as the UK, but with all the camembert, vin rouge, and croissants that one can devour, c'est tres bien pour moi


'An opportunity for more independence'? Sounds good until the costs mount up. Representation at the UN in New York (Now who will get that job? Go on, guess), health care, defence (the Island pays little if nothing as it is), the new Jersey TV and Broadcasting Service (continuous repeats of Bergerac interspersed with 'none' news about somebody who once came from England on a day trip), one could go on. Sir Philip trots out the great nationalist lie that Scotsman and Irishmen voted for Scotland and NI to remain in the EU. They did not. Voters in those countries voted for the UK to remain or exit the EU as did those in Wales and perfidious Albion!


Shows to me that the talks with U.K. over brexit aren't going that well,as if they would really take much notice of these islands...if the uk end up going over the cliff edge we go with them!


What I want is greater independence from the failing, Marxist EU, Brexit was a brilliant step for the UK honestly and although I like the idea of Jersey having greater sovereignty as well, it shouldn't be at the expense of our relationship with the UK, they are our closest friends after all.

Scotland and Northern Ireland aren't leaving the UK, the writer of this article is smoking some bad weed spouting nonsense like that.