Maritime historian critical of harbour boardwalk plan

proposed boardwalk french harbour la folie area
An artist’s impression of the proposed boardwalk over the French Harbour

A MARITIME historian has called for the States to ditch the idea of building a boardwalk over Jersey’s French Harbour – claiming that the area is for ‘boats not bikes’.

Last week the Infrastructure Department announced proposals to install a wooden boardwalk against the harbour wall to help create the final link of a continuous path for pedestrians and cyclists from Corbière to Havre des Pas.

As part of the plan, the department is also proposing to narrow the pavement on the Fort Regent side of the road above the neighbouring English Harbour so that a new cycle and pedestrian track can be introduced on the side of the road next to the sea.

Doug Ford said that that he could not understand why the States would want to build a boardwalk over the French Harbour, which is a protected site dating from the 18th century.





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