Maritime historian critical of harbour boardwalk plan

proposed boardwalk french harbour la folie area
An artist’s impression of the proposed boardwalk over the French Harbour

A MARITIME historian has called for the States to ditch the idea of building a boardwalk over Jersey’s French Harbour – claiming that the area is for ‘boats not bikes’.

Last week the Infrastructure Department announced proposals to install a wooden boardwalk against the harbour wall to help create the final link of a continuous path for pedestrians and cyclists from Corbière to Havre des Pas.

As part of the plan, the department is also proposing to narrow the pavement on the Fort Regent side of the road above the neighbouring English Harbour so that a new cycle and pedestrian track can be introduced on the side of the road next to the sea.

Doug Ford said that that he could not understand why the States would want to build a boardwalk over the French Harbour, which is a protected site dating from the 18th century.





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Comments for: "Maritime historian critical of harbour boardwalk plan"

As ItIs

Couldn't agree more with Doug. The pavement opposite and the two wider than normal lanes could all be reduced slightly to create a cycle lane, et voila


Probably because we now live in the 21st century and the safety of the living is more important!


I WILL not ride on it or any other cycle track in the Island till they

are made safe ,to-night four with out lights two dog walkers with

leads across track . 6 jay walkers with leads from mobile phones

in ears so cannot hear bell.

Cycling the wrong way in one way streets and on pavements

does my head in , need to name and shame a few.


Excellent idea ... what else were they going to spend the money on? The wood will be nice and slippery in the winter so it will only get used for part of the year ... should last for a long time!

Wonder how much the graphic artist got paid to come up with that representation? Budget's already being spent!

Henry Amy

Wooden boards with gaps are unsuitable for cyclist.

Could be dangerous resulting in accidents, injuries and claims for damages.

The pavement on the opposite side of the road would be a better alternative.

However there in no safe crossing point on what is now a busy road.

Perhaps thought should be given to a safe crossing.

Grumpy Git

Great idea. You can't live in the past guys move on with the times.


What bright spark came up with that idea? What a total waste of money when there are far more important requirements in our health & education departments.

A decent MRI scanner for example, or preferably two; one for standing scans and one flatbed.

We have already seen the massive spend on the St Peter Valley track; I wonder how many riders are using it on a regular basis, and if there any stats available to justify such a ridiculous spend?

Squawkie L Pelican

This is a good scheme.

I hope TTSd and planning ignore the thin skinned, well intentioned, misguided, heritage lobby.


I live near Havre des Pas and use this route a lot - cycling, walking and driving.

This scheme is better than nothing but doesn't solve all of the interruptions and hazards of this very useful (and hazardous) route.

A more comprehensive solution would be to put a Toucan crossing at the Town edge of English Harbour and widen the existing footpath along the inland side of the main road opposite English & French Harbours so that it can function as both a cycle and footpath.

Like the proposed scheme, this proposal would also reduce the need to cross the main road from three times to once. It would also avoid the need to use the stretch of cycle path between French Harbour and the layby opposite the junction with Mount Bingham - a stretch which has no fewer than 7 small intersections - each one an interruption or hazard. (These are, namely, one either side of La Folie Quay; one either side of South Pier; the entrance/exit to the rowing club; and one either side of the layby opposite the junction with Mount Bingham).

Finding Me:Mo

What did the Germans ever do for us ?

( photo of the German rail bridge across the 'English' and I assume the 'Old ' as well but I have never seen a photo of that).

It's a pity the artists impression doesn't show the slope ( or more likely steps with this lot) to raise the 'walkway' for bikes to the top of the wall , and the railings on the road side to stop more fatal accidents .

'Infant structure' must start the day with a group hug followed by 'blue sky ' ' out of the box' thinking competitions.

' I know let's put a gym under the walkway for bicycles that doubles up as a swimming pool'

Sotte Voce

The cyclists won't use it anyway, the wood will be the wrong colour or they will argue that the grain faces the wrong way or that the timberis not fragrant enough.

It will be as well used as the new cycle track in St Peter's Valley, i.e. not used at all.


About time they had a half decent idea Now can we have the same for pedestrians at Gordy harbour and st aubins please. As for heritage it can easily be removed or should we all live in the 17th century. Get a grip


The pavement on the other side is continuos. we would have to cross over from the pavement to get to it and after about 50 yards you will be on the road, so you would have to cross back over to the pavement.

This is not an early April fool joke, I hope.