Number of holidaymakers hit five-year high in 2016

Mr Beecham said that he believed the improved figures were due to Visit Jersey’s efforts to promote the Island as a winter destination.

THE number of holidaymakers visiting the Island in 2016 was the highest it has been for five years, new figures from Visit Jersey show.

And the tourist body’s chief executive, Keith Beecham, said that Islanders had a key role to play in increasing that number by being ‘ambassadors’ for Jersey.

According to the figures, almost 356,000 people holidayed in Jersey last year – up from 347,000 the year before and 4,000 more than the target for the year. Just over half of these were first-time visitors to the Island.

However, the total amount spent by visitors in 2016 dropped by £15 million to £228 million. And the total number of visitors fell by 26,000 to 692,000 – with one of the biggest decreases among people staying in the Island for business.

The number of staying holiday visitors from the UK increased by seven per cent and from Germany by six per cent while those from France declined by six per cent and from Guernsey by 22 per cent.

Mr Beecham said that the figures were positive but highlighted some key areas to focus on this year.





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Comments for: "Number of holidaymakers hit five-year high in 2016"


Interesting reading! Where is the evidence and did this include the people that arrive to the island as sub contractors every Monday leave on Friday there's seem to be a lot of double, treble, quadruple accounting going on, maybe you should revisit the figures before the above headline is published

The Moaning Old Bugger

The number of visitors from France declined by six per cent and from Guernsey by 22 per cent.................Now I wonder what could of possibly caused the decline from France and Guernsey.............let me think................................CONDOR???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Well done to Senator Lyndon Farnham and his Economic Development Team for all their hard work.


Amazing where these figures come from and when you see hotels being converted to living accommodation ,two wanting to sell to the states for the hospital site,just shows tourism pays!


That's a lovely view of Elizabeth castle, and the wonderful sandy beach behind the gentleman, I think it is Mr Beecham, did he have it specially cleaned for that photo, or was one just lucky with the tides that day?


"Well done to Senator Lyndon Farnham and his Economic Development Team for all their hard work."

Thanx Kaz haven't had such a good laugh in years !!!


What's so funny about it?

At least this Minister has been dedicated to getting Tourism moving and the results speak for themselves.


Yes Brilliant results. Barely a one per cent increase, less money spent by visitors overall and how much does this department cost the taxpayer?


No 2.6% increase, best in 5 years. Read the figures.

Sotte Voce

Where will they all stay? Very few hotels left.

Old Fart

I love it when a tourism story comes out. It always guaranteed to bring out the pessimists and cynics.

Islanders knocking their homeland, I just don't get it guys.


I don't see anyone knocking Jersey, just the people who are responsible for promoting it.


I actually work in the industry - not sure what your issue is, but the last few years have been very good. My view they are doing a good job.

constables out

I had 30 visits from my wife's family last year then another 20 from friend all stayed with us do they count in these figures?