Fog affects 1,500 travellers at Jersey Airport


At least 1,500 travellers from Jersey Airport have had their flights delayed or cancelled because of persistent fog.

Several services have been delayed or cancelled and a number of inbound aircraft have been forced to divert to UK airports because of thick blankets of fog over the Island on Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

According to a spokesman for Ports of Jersey, as of 5 pm on Monday a total of 1,500 departing passengers had been caught up in the disruption.

Despite the problems, the mail aircraft managed to land in the Island on Tuesday after being cancelled on Monday.

According to airport staff, passengers should check in as normal unless they have been told otherwise by their airline and if your flight is cancelled, you must contact your airline directly for alternative travel options.

Keep an eye on the local forecast here:


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Comments for: "Fog affects 1,500 travellers at Jersey Airport"

Mike C

Why won't the Airport - get a proper landing system installed? . i.e. Cat III ILS.

It might cost a lot in the beginning, but it will pay for it's self in the long run.

See link below:

Come on States.... Get your S...... Together.

Devil's Advocate

I think it requires additional land at the end of the runway which doesn't exist or cannot be cleared at a sensible cost.

Mike C

P.S. to my earlier comments - In Norway a D-GPS based landing system, called SCAT-I, is in operation, this can be used on some short runway airports (like ours).


Interesting comment, but it would involve upgrading the aircraft as well as the ground equipment. The operators would need to be convinced it was worth their while to re-equip their aircraft and the local authorities probably wouldn't spend the money if the operators weren't going to use it!

Usual Si

You clearly don't understand just what is involved with these systems. Google is not always your friend!


There's far too much moaning every time there's a bit of low cloud or fog. We're on an island in the English Channel ... fog comes as part of the package and with global warming it's likely to get more frequent! Get used to it or move on ... the boat still sails, if it's running at all!

The Crimson Horse Blanket

Murray Norton's taxpayer funded reserved airport parking space would have been largely unaffected by the poor visibility.

Usual Si

Thankfully we had enough warning to make other arrangements for leaving the rock, our friends in the UK got no warning of the fog that prevented them flying out.