You have key role in stopping terrorism, finance told

ian gorst
The Chief Minister, who was a keynote speaker at the International Terrorist Financing conference at the Radisson Blu Hotel, said that the reporting of suspected terrorist financing had become increasingly important as the threat of attacks had grown in Jersey’s nearest neighbours, the UK and France.

JERSEY’S finance workers have a key role to play in stopping terrorism and could help ‘save lives’ if they report suspicious activity, the Chief Minister has said.

Speaking at an international seminar yesterday, Senator Ian Gorst called on staff in the Island’s largest industry to ‘not be afraid’ to report any financial transactions they fear may be funding terrorism, as any lead might help authorities prevent a terror attack.

Attorney General Robert MacRae had earlier told the audience, which included FBI and European counter-terrorism agents and senior officials from the UN, that Jersey bank accounts had been monitored for suspicious terrorist activity.

He said Jersey’s court had sanctioned covert ‘real-time’ access for law enforcement agencies after foreign jurisdictions became suspicious that accounts might be being used to fund terrorism. (Full story page 5).

He also warned that workers who failed to report suspicious activity that was found to be terrorist-related could face prosecution.



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