You have key role in stopping terrorism, finance told

ian gorst

JERSEY’S finance workers have a key role to play in stopping terrorism and could help ‘save lives’ if they report suspicious activity, the Chief Minister has said.

Speaking at an international seminar yesterday, Senator Ian Gorst called on staff in the Island’s largest industry to ‘not be afraid’ to report any financial transactions they fear may be funding terrorism, as any lead might help authorities prevent a terror attack.

Attorney General Robert MacRae had earlier told the audience, which included FBI and European counter-terrorism agents and senior officials from the UN, that Jersey bank accounts had been monitored for suspicious terrorist activity.

He said Jersey’s court had sanctioned covert ‘real-time’ access for law enforcement agencies after foreign jurisdictions became suspicious that accounts might be being used to fund terrorism. (Full story page 5).

He also warned that workers who failed to report suspicious activity that was found to be terrorist-related could face prosecution.



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Comments for: "You have key role in stopping terrorism, finance told"


The overall SECURITY of people and its country come FIRST AND FOREMOST, particularly nowadays because terrorism and intended terrorism abounds world wide. Remember that great saying,........**Evil abounds when GOOD men DO NOTHING and remember keep them eyes and ears ever peeled and report anything considered suspicious (anonymously or otherwise to Police). It is basic Common Security sense...


best watch out for the israelies/saudis then. Look into the panama events last year. terrorists on a human scale is such a small % of what goes on in every country. Cyber is the hidden method now (24 hours a day, no human can match that!)

karaoke joe

Tax avoidance is OK though


Is this serious, does he really think he needs to tell people in finance to report transactions that look suspicious? Did he wake up this morning with the bright idea that reporting suspicions could help combat terrorism?

Everyone in finance is only too aware that 'failure to report' could have them in prison.

Maybe everyone involved in the innovation fund didn't know about the laws though!!!

Island Strife


Name one case where a failure to report has resulted in a finance worker ending up in prison over here.

Smoke and mirrors while the dirty money keeps on pouring in.

Joke industry that will be closed eventually but at last we will have all those lovely office block for the jobless kids to vandalise.


I agree, this is simply a PR article for all the involved. Jerey is a hotbed for dirty money, always has been and always will be. The KYC internal course and subsequent examination which all employees have to pass is absolutely pathetic. I used to fail it on purpose, before I looked around at all the robots in the office, and though f this....I'm outta here!