Propane cylinder warning

jersey gas cylinder
Jersey Gas has advised customers not to use any red cylinders bought since last March

JERSEY Gas has advised Islanders not to use any propane cylinders bought since last March, after a fault was identified in some of the control valves.

The company is urging anyone who owns a red gas cylinder not to touch the equipment and to contact them for a free safety check.

If a fault is detected, the cylinder will be removed and replaced free of charge. Faults with the safety valves have been detected in the Isle of Man, but Jersey Gas say no problems have yet been found locally.

A spokeswoman for the company said: ‘Jersey Gas has identified that there is a very small risk that propane cylinders purchased since March 2016 from Jersey Gas or a distributor may have a fault with the control valve.

‘Jersey Gas advises customers not to operate the cylinder valve – whether connected or not – and to contact them on 01624 644510 and they will carry out a free safety check.’



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Umm..................Seems to been a little bit of ***near strange secrecy** on that massive cause of the explosion in OXFORD (ENGLAND). Begs the honest question....WHY ?.