Over-ambitious plans played a part in Harbour café delay

Marcus Calvani (right) pictured at the Harbour in 2014 when a new pop-up café marked the start of his tenure

INITIAL plans to redevelop the café at the Harbour were ‘too ambitious’ and have contributed to four years of delays in re-opening the site, the chief executive of Ports of Jersey has said.

Doug Bannister also admitted that the company and the Calvani Group, which is to run the new restaurant, have been distracted by other projects, causing further setbacks.

It was announced in 2014 that the proposed new restaurant, which would be called Terminal GBJ and run by businessman Marcus Calvani, would be open by spring the following year.

But two years later the site remains empty and it emerged last week that it probably will not be ready for the summer. Customers have had to instead use a kiosk selling drinks and snacks since 2014.

Mr Bannister said that there had been several reasons for the delays over the years.




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Comments for: "Over-ambitious plans played a part in Harbour café delay"

Tony B

So it would appear that to get money or a deal out of the States departments you require No Diamonds to dazzle, just loads of Bull Excreta.

Peppomauro @icloud.com

Peppomauro @icloud.com



Why did it even have to be redeveloped in the first place? Was working fine, always busy generating Jobs and income?

The Moaning Old Bugger

The cafe closed November 2013,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,La Cantina took over November 2014,,,,,,,,,,,,,now it wont be ready before Spring 2018, nearly 5 years.......This posses a number of questions

1 How much is the annual rent?

2 Did La Cantina start paying rent from November 2014?

3 If not, Why not?

4 If not, Who signed off giving La Cantina free rent?

Somehow I think we will see pigs fly before Bannister gives us an answer!!!!!!

The Moaning Old Bugger



Would the Minister confirm that the proposed rent for the Elizabeth Harbour Cafe is approximately £50,000 per annum and that this is combined with a full repairing and maintaining lease and all the fit-out costs and, if so, does he consider that this could preclude many interested parties from expressing interest?

Would he agree that a high rental for the cafe concession at the harbour will simply ensure a longer void period and the risk of letting to a restaurant operator who will have to seek high prices to cover costs?

What market research, if any, has been undertaken to establish the price range and menu options which would be appropriate for customers waiting for a ferry from Jersey?


As part of the Expression of Interest (EOI) process for potential tenants, a list of proposed lease terms, including an annual rental guideline as well as likely insurance and repair costs were listed in the document. However, the EOI also made it clear that “variations to these lease terms will be considered on their merits” and that potential tenants have been advised that we would consider all reasonable variations to suggested terms such as incremental rent increases. Ports of Jersey are aware of the current poor state of repair in the café facility, which over and above being as a result of general wear and tear can also be attributed to essential maintenance not being carried out by the previous tenant.

Interest from potential tenants has been high and as such the process has taken slightly longer than was at first expected. However, further discussions with those short-listed potential operators will take place over the coming weeks and as a result we are hopeful of an announcement shortly afterwards.

Ports of Jersey do not intend to operate this facility and therefore a decision as to the style of service, menu and pricing is appropriately a decision of the appointed tenant as they are responsible for its commercial success. The suitability of their offering to ferry passengers is part of the appointment process. All of the shortlisted tenants are well established businesses, with proven experience in the catering trade. Therefore, Ports of Jersey are confident that whoever is appointed will make this a successful business, best serving both local residents and passengers using the ferry terminal.


this pantomime sounds very suspicious and long winded to me.........will someone give someone a kick up the backside and get on with it.! ! !