Over-ambitious plans played a part in Harbour café delay

Marcus Calvani (right) pictured at the Harbour in 2014 when a new pop-up café marked the start of his tenure

INITIAL plans to redevelop the café at the Harbour were ‘too ambitious’ and have contributed to four years of delays in re-opening the site, the chief executive of Ports of Jersey has said.

Doug Bannister also admitted that the company and the Calvani Group, which is to run the new restaurant, have been distracted by other projects, causing further setbacks.

It was announced in 2014 that the proposed new restaurant, which would be called Terminal GBJ and run by businessman Marcus Calvani, would be open by spring the following year.

But two years later the site remains empty and it emerged last week that it probably will not be ready for the summer. Customers have had to instead use a kiosk selling drinks and snacks since 2014.

Mr Bannister said that there had been several reasons for the delays over the years.




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