Fort Regent may have to close ‘within a few years’

Assistant Economic Development Minister Steve Pallett at the Fort which has 50-year-old electrics, among other issues (17459022)

FORT Regent could be closed within the next few years unless ‘tens of millions of pounds’ is invested into the ageing facility, the politician with responsibility for sport has warned.

Following decades of under-investment, parts of the centre, which is used by thousands of Islanders each day, are beginning to fall into disrepair.

And Assistant Economic Development Minister Steve Pallett has warned that unless the States or a private firm makes a significant investment into the once thriving leisure complex, the government may have no option but to close it due to health and safety concerns.

The Constable, who has responsibility for sport, admitted that the States would even consider allowing a private investor to change the use of the Fort, but stressed that the many sports club who use the venue would be found alternative sites (see page 64).




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Comments for: "Fort Regent may have to close ‘within a few years’"


When I attend my Karate up there I must admit it does look run down in places.

Not as weary as a Reform Jersey Manifesto yet but getting there.


Doesn't Karate, mean 'open hand'? I would have thought that yours would have been firmly clenched, given your subject matter.


it means empty hand!


Is it worth saving? I seriously don't think so.

In fact i'm amazed the 'old dinasour' has actually lasted so long.

In fact, i do believe that for what it is 'actually used for', a building elsewhere a 1/3 of it's size, or less, would suffice.

I have always said that it would have made for an awesome Hospital location, but it would have been great for a new Police Station, or Post Office as well.


hospital location, people can't be ar$ed walking up pier road to get to the fort at the moment, so would have serious issues if it was a hospital. Blimey your ideas are so in the box, it's unbelievble, a post office!!! I'm sure the powers' that be, have been in talks under the table about something, and this will be a Dandara site...without question!!!!


The states is itching to give away our Fort.

jersey peeps

What happened to the thousands of tax payer money spent from 2012 onwards with the Fort Regent steering group and the money spent on plans and architect designs to revamp the Fort with Deputy Noel at the time promising the Swimming Pool would be saved?


all bullsh1t the lot of it, it was coming up to elections if I remember correctly! like I said before, it'll become a dandara site.



That's a very good observation. No doubt the Public will be asking questions....

Happy Days

Its a disgrace Fort Regent has been allowed to fall into disrepair the way it has - like any venture that fails it comes down to bad management! What do the States intend to do with the site if they close the Fort, MORE unwanted office blocks I suppose. Honestly I despair at the narrow minded thinking of our bunch of politicians. It could have been a world class Sports Stadium holding events to attract visitors from all over the world had the right people been appointed in the very beginning. The States can always find funding for useless projects! They never cease to amaze me!!!!!!


I doubt that any 'maintanence' would have helped the Fort. It was a horrid designed building and has now become a mostly rather boring and dull sports facility rather than somewhere people go for a 'fun' day out, like they used to 'back then'.

There are other Gyms in town for old folk and for Adrenalin Junkies, so the current users have nothing to fear.


Every time that the future of the Fort is raised, the old chestnuts like private entrepreneurs, hotels, casinos, housing, state of the art sports facilities, new cable cars and what have you are trotted out, all invariably preceded by the words World Class. Now I see that it could be a police station, hospital, and a post office. Look at what the Fort was designed for, look at what else exists in that vein, Mont Orgueil, Elizabeth Castle, the Martello towers, St Aubin's Fort, even the WW2 bunkers and the underground hospital. Fort Regent, with these and other similar sites, are all part of a defensive posture in the Island that has evolved over a 1,000 years. These suggestions can be likened to a proposal to turn the Egyptian pyramids into flats! Nobody has suggested that Mont Orgueil gets some modern facelift, so why the Fort? These 'What do you Think?' inputs invariably complain about how Jersey has changed with Finance Centres, poor transport to and from the Island, a declining tourist industry and so on, what will prove better for the Fort this time around? It may provide useful leisure and sports facilities as is, but national/international sporting success, I doubt if any names come to mind?

Grumpy Git

If the states had got their act together years ago it would have been a 'casino' but NO . Too many doo gooders against making money for the island.

Not too late yet if they make the right decision some contortion will make it work.

Look a Las Vegas.

Squawkie L Pelican

The view from up there lends itself extremely well to a lucrative mixed used development.

Sell it to the JDC for a quid and make it into money, Karate muppet Kaz and his pals can go and throw eachother about somewhere cheaper.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, the government shouldn't be involved with business except as a referee of sorts. Socialism has never worked and it will never will work, all it's doing is sapping strength from the capitalist and free enterprise aspects of society. Sell it to a private firm, preferably locally owned or by a company that is from an ally, no more selling our souls to countries that hate us and our way of life.


what like dandara? so socialism never works, who pays for the paramedics, fire service etc...? imagine having to give a fireman your credit card before he even got out of the fire engine and turned on a hose! you got to love capitalism, everyone wins in that scenario. It clearly reduces the gap between rich and poor.


Why are the States so inept at maintaining their buildings? Think of the former Girls College building. Or the Le Seelleur building. Or the portfolio of Housing properties which were all allowed to run down for a decade, and which are now having to have major refurbishment. Years ago the Central Market roof was discovered to be in a very poor state due to lack of maintenance. It needed major repairs. We were assured that in future the States would no longer allow their buildings to run down in this way..........