Warning to steroid users over diseases

Personal trainer and former steroid user Cameron Elliot has warned that body-conscious Islanders are turning to a hidden steroid market in Jersey in a quest for the perfect physique

BODY-conscious Islanders who inject steroids to help build their muscles run an even greater risk of spreading blood-borne viruses such as HIV and hepatitis C than heroin users, a drug expert has warned.

Consultant Michael Gafoor said that intravenous steroid users were less likely to access needle-exchange programmes because they did not recognise themselves as problem drug users. Sharing or reusing needles dramatically increases the chances of spreading disease and viruses.

The former director of the Island’s Alcohol and Drug Service, who left the role in December, labelled steroid use in Jersey ‘a hidden problem’ and called for a serious assessment of the problem, and for more support to be made available for drug users.

HIV can lead to Aids, while hepatitis C is a virus which attacks the liver.



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Comments for: "Warning to steroid users over diseases"



Is steroid use in Jersey really that bad? I don't think it is any worse than it has ever been in the past. The Island has always had it's fair share of OTT Musclebound people, obviously on 'the juice'

Oh and please, no more self promoting of those two!


I doubt these body builders go to their mates house to chase the steroid dragon and share needles. Steroids have been around since the 30's, and will continue to be part of society for many years, for people who want that extra gain, and for those who need it for health reasons.


Yes, i agree.

I also find it extremely unlikely that Steroid users would 'share needles'. I mean that's like saying that diabetics might do the same with Insulin??

Also, i just did 5 minutes of online research and found there are numerous sites, which clearly explain the facts of Steroids and the importance of what is known as 'Post Cycle Therapy', which safeguards against Estrogen and Gynecomastia. Are Steroid users so silly as to not research stuff like this, in the same manner they might want to research diet and exercise?? The mind boggles.