Parish care schemes target the vulnerable

Glenys Johnston, the independent chairwoman of the Safeguarding Adult Partnership Board, said that some people preferred the ‘informal’ care approach of parish volunteers

PARISH-run community support schemes could be strengthened to prevent people falling through the net welfare experts said following a serious case review into the death of a man who died alone after repeatedly refusing help.

The man, who was in his 70s and is known only as Mr Fisher to protect his identity, was found dead at his home ‘some time’ after passing away.

The authorities were unable to establish a cause or time of death.

Mr Fisher had consistently refused to attend hospital appointments or allow care workers into his home.

The review, which was carried out by independent consultant Alan Coe, found, however, that while Mr Fisher was non-compliant with centralised health and social services, he was often more amenable when dealing with local community officers.

Glenys Johnston, chair of the Safeguarding Partnership Board, said that Mr Fisher often responded better to the ‘informal’ approach of local voluntary officers.


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Comments for: "Parish care schemes target the vulnerable"


Unfortunately a lot of people die alone. That is a fact of life.

Sorry, but i do not understand why he would have been 'non-compliant' with anything if he was a free man?

Unless of course he was under some kind of care scheme that he had no other option but to 'comply' with?

I guess what worries the Authorities the most is the idea that his body had lain there for quite some time.


I do believe the welfare system was an excellent system for the vulnerable in each parish. I know that the staff of St.Helier Parish were exceptional. They cared for and helped many of the elderly, disabled and vulnerable, they were worth their weight in gold.

People were not just numbers to them, people were checked on regularly an if they were ill, they were helped accordingly. Such a shame that this system changed and that the vulnerable are just being forgotten about.

Un Vrai Jerrias

Bring back the parish welfare system,much better then the centralised system.