No first night nerves for stars in the spotlight

Back row left to right: Abigayle Langford, Mara De Oliveira, Yasmin Bates, Vanessa Rodrigues. Middle row left to right: Erika Van Halm, Danae Duffy, Bonnie Mackenzie. Front row left to right: Joana Mendes, Catarina Goncalves. Review and more pictures: Pages 16 and 17 Picture: DAVID FERGUSON (17439750)

MOMENTS before first curtain, the excitement is palpable among the young cast of The Dance Musical.

Dozens of Les Quennevais pupils are involved in the show, which is based on the movie Footloose, and they have been entertaining audiences at the Opera House this week.

Students from all years at the school are represented in the musical and the cast has spent months in rehearsal preparing for the spotlight.



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