Man arrested after being seen in Havre Des Pas with 'scythe-like' blade

Police 4

A man seen carrying a scythe-like blade in the area of Havre Des Pas was arrested on Saturday afternoon, police have confirmed.

Witnesses described their shock at the incident. There were also reports that some vehicles had been damaged.

The JEP understands police were called to scene at about 4.30 pm after the man was seen holding the blade in the Petisco Tradicional cafe on Roseville Street.

A States police officer has now confirmed the man was 'very intoxicated' and has been arrested.

The officer said: 'A very intoxicated man who was walking around carrying with him a billhook was arrested for questioning and remains in custody.

'There were no injuries to anyone and we are unaware of any threats being made.'

No more details have been released.

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