Man arrested after being seen in Havre Des Pas with 'scythe-like' blade

Police 4

A man seen carrying a scythe-like blade in the area of Havre Des Pas was arrested on Saturday afternoon, police have confirmed.

Witnesses described their shock at the incident. There were also reports that some vehicles had been damaged.

The JEP understands police were called to scene at about 4.30 pm after the man was seen holding the blade in the Petisco Tradicional cafe on Roseville Street.

A States police officer has now confirmed the man was 'very intoxicated' and has been arrested.

The officer said: 'A very intoxicated man who was walking around carrying with him a billhook was arrested for questioning and remains in custody.

'There were no injuries to anyone and we are unaware of any threats being made.'

No more details have been released.

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Comments for: "Man arrested after being seen in Havre Des Pas with 'scythe-like' blade "


Thankful for our brave Police who have to deal with stuff like this all the time in this troubled Island.



Called to a scenario like this, the Police will be wearing protection including stab vests, and armed.

It's the poor public who are the real ones at risk.


A poor start to the year Knife shown to shopkeeper, most weeks G B H while walking on

our streets , now a person with a scythe on our streets .

Jersey is not a safe place drugs drunks and 80 if not more people under threat .


We're told that "crime is down", presumably in order to afford political credibility to cuts in policing, itself necessary in order to fit a reduced force into a new station which, being too small and lacking parking, is arguably unfit for purpose.

jersey man

Jersey turning into a terrible place to live, Great advert for Jersey for tourism..! Crazy there's families down there near the beaches... What kind of people are we letting into Jersey, these days?


Jersey Man Where in the article does it say IT was Someone Let Into Jersey?? It may well have been someone born here.Dont go assuming things and let the Police do they,re job.


Lets be honest since stinking apparent very, ** Anti Police political far left and liberal minded orientated political correctness reared its ugly head about the *mid 197Os (In Britain)* Police in general have been *used and *abused as convenient devious political point scoring **Politically correct Footballs* by many over the decades.. They are often dammed if they do and often dammed if they don't. The Police Job nowadays is worse than being a near defenceless Referee, say on a gale swept, Hampden Park on a bad day.


On a wider Police associated issue. How about £10,OOO Fines and/or immediate Jail on *spurious slur and false (fake compensation grabbing ?), allegations against British Servicemen who fight for the Freedom of Britain (and the Channel Islands). Over recent years some poor British servicemen have been apparently politically correct, scapegoated and driven to near suicide and utter misery by shocking *false allegations from punters (political and otherwise) in Britain and overseas. Some Punters have had shocking mega rich pickings both in Britain and overseas via disgusting false allegations. Yet another reason in my opinion in giving full support to British mainland Brexit.


It seems all the range nowadays with some. Lets terrorise someone in a public street and if you say too much, and tell the real truth, you are demonised by some pathetic know-all politically correct.


Rather live in a friendly log cabin on the Scottish Borders.