Family festival falls foul of medieval land rights

Spice event on Gorey CommonPicture: PETER MOURANT
The organisers of the festival said they had almost 5,000 visitors last year

THE organisers of a popular family event that promotes local talent claim they have been told to find another venue by the ancient feudal body that looks after Grouville Common.

For the past four years, Spice Arts and Musical Festival has been held in Gorey Village over a weekend in September, attracting thousands of people to the area.

But organisers Bianca Padidar and Sarah Jordan claim that following a decision by a group of Grouville residents known as the Chefs Tenant du Fief de la Reine, whose rights to the land date back to the Middle Ages, they have been given a notice to quit.

The two artists have launched a Facebook appeal to find another venue, which is attracting comments from Islanders supporting them, including Grouville parishioners.

The Jersey Evening Post contacted Grouville parish hall, the Constable, John Le Maistre, and a tenant but no one was available to comment.



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Comments for: "Family festival falls foul of medieval land rights"

Jersey girl 1983

What's the problem, it's not as if the common is being used for anything.


Do the Chefs Tenant du Fief de la Reine of Grouville have the deeds to prove their claim? Considering that many so called Jersey familys only came to the Island during the French revolution.


They will have.


Just because its called a common doesnt mean anyone can go there and those with rights to the land will lose them if they dont defend them.


It's a shame, I quite enjoyed popping down to this little festival. I note we've only heard one side of the story, it could be the feudal body are sick of clearing up the mess afterwards?

I'm fairly sure they're not objecting because they are a load of stick shaking old people who don't want young folk on their land?


Who are the Chefs Tenant du Fief de la Reine (names)? How many of them are there? How many are objecting and who? What are the reasons and why are they bringing this up now?

Let's have some transparency here!


I believe in saying there are 41 Chefs Tenant who are 'tenants' who govern the rights of Gorey/Grouville Common. They are hand-me down titles due to the specific house they own in the parish. They haven't earned the title, just came with the house which the family line inherited. Queen Liz II is the Seigneur. So basically it's the house and not the person who really enjoys these 'rights'. They also receive rent payment from Royal Golf Club, and all enjoy lifelong membership (probably free).


Well done we have it all the time at Millbrook,sand racing the use of

the park for music concerts , noise and drunks litter and two finger

salute if you say a word.

The Tenants do a great service ,with football posts and car parking

for events , i for one support them.


Rights back to the middle ages... that wasn't an era with much going for it...what are these miseries going to gain by not allowing this event ....pathetic

Island Strife

Presumably they'd have no objections to allowing Dandara to build 500 flats there though hey.