Met Office issues snow warning

Bob Major of Municipal Services with one of their new salt spreading machines

A SNOW alert has been issued by the Jersey Met Office for today and tomorrow.

The yellow alert – classed as ‘an early indication of a potential snow event’ – warns that wintry showers are expected over the next 48 hours. However, it states that any accumulations of hail or snow will be small and temporary.

The UK is due to see heavier snow, with disruption expected in Scotland, northern England and higher ground in other regions. The cold snap, caused by air plunging down from the Arctic, is expected to be replaced by milder conditions by the end of the weekend.

Derek Noble, manager of municipal services at the Infrastructure Department, said that they had 300 tonnes of salt available and six trucks capable of gritting, two of which can be fitted with a plough.

Full story in Thursday's JEP.



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Comments for: "Met Office issues snow warning"


"any accumulations of hail or snow will be small and temporary."

So why the panic?

Usual Si

No-one appears to be panicking as far as I can see. Forecasters have done their job and issued the relevant warning, the media have chosen to make a story out of it.


If its only going to last a few minutes why mention salt and snow ploughs? I suppose the Infrastructure dept needs something to do though, they're so overstaffed and inefficient.

Mickey Mouth

Non event that didn't materialise anyway - how very typical.