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SHAME the courts are so soft .


The schools must still be shut in town, at swimming pool, in shops some with parents ,

well you hope they are with their parents.

C Le Verdic

'It is not believed that any of the paedophiles reoffended'

Quite possibly some of them were never going to offend in the first place. They may have just been foolish with their internet curiosity.

But, of course, we all know they were bound to be tempted eventually... common sense says so and can't possibly be wrong.

I trust there is a similar structure in place for burglars, shoplifters, con artists and other dodgy characters.


If you agree to double the amount of Police Officers, they might, but then where do you draw the line at BB


They have spent £23 Million looking at historic abuse whilst we have 87 perverts roaming around in real time. Talk about priorities.

Squawkie L Pelican

This has got to warrant deployment of a fully armed tactical response. Somebody else drive though.