Learning to survive

Sapper Gavin Smith, Capt Dirk Nuesink and Sapper Jack Le Quesne around the camp fire in the woods at Grève de Lecq (17109725)

SEVERAL members of the Jersey Field Squadron braved the wet weather to undertake an intensive field craft course near Grève de Lecq at the weekend.

Led by Captain Dirk Nuesink, the squadron members, aged between 25 and 40, camped overnight at the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Activity Base at Crabbé, where they practised a number of survival techniques.

Full report and more pictures in Tuesday's JEP.


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Comments for: "Learning to survive"


wonderful stuff. I guess it must be possible to camp in the wild, forage, and live for free, like humanity was meant to be, well before people started 'owning their own land', and all that other malarky started.

Should the title post be renamed to 'learning your roots' instead?


Looks more like living... than surviving.......that pic doesn't look too life threatening.


Hope they got written permission from the bailiff, every island constable, centenier, vigntanier, farmer, honorary, police chief, air traffic control, RNLI, fire service, RSPB, ambulance service, National Heritage to sit on a lump of wood eating food cooked from an "OPEN FIRE" outside and camp. Easier to get money from a st.ounie, so I've heard.


So true, i mean how on earth can man possibly survive in the wild, without the permission of those , ahem, 'experts'?

Maybe we'd better just build an extra finance centre, just to make it all better then.Sigh.

Mickey Mouth

Slow news day - clearly.