Jonny’s TV dance routine wows judges

©ITV Plc
Jonny Labey performing his solo on the first Dance Dance Dance show. Pictures courtesy of ITV Plc

FORMER Victoria College student Jonny Labey wowed the judges on Sunday night when he appeared on ITV’s new talent show, Dance Dance Dance.

The Islander, originally from Grouville, performed Michael and Janet Jackson’s Scream with his partner, Chrissy Brooke, as well as a solo version of Justin Timberlake’s Rock Your Body.

He and his partner topped the leaderboard at the end of the show with 54 points.

In a video clip played before the duo performed the Jacksons duet, the actor, who played Paul Coker in EastEnders, said: ‘This is the one, this is the famous duet dance. I am so excited. It’s one of the best-choreographed music videos there is.’

The judges – Diversity’s Ashley Banjo and choreographers Tina Landon and Timor Steffens – were both full of praise for Mr Labey’s turn as Michael Jackson, with Mr Banjo saying he had been ‘sold from the very first move’.

The next episode of Dance Dance Dance is due to be aired at 6.30 pm on Sunday.



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Comments for: "Jonny’s TV dance routine wows judges"


Hardly news worthy...must of missed the programme,shame not!


Jonny was brilliant ! He did Jersey proud!


I'm surprised he didn't wear a Jersey flag suit. No judege or audience member gave a sh1t where he was from in the show. Sorry to have to inform the population of Jersey, 99% of the world population do not know where Jersey is nor do they care, and only reason is if they'd be hit by a jersey cow in their own town, run a cattle ranch somewhere, unlucky enough have been given some Black Butter for christmas, or overhead 1 person talking to himself in jerraise off island.

Mr Sensible

Get out of my pub

C Le Verdic

'The Islander, originally from Grouville...'

Take that, St Ouen!