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About time, but what about the thousands here already - I believe Jersey has a higher percentage of Zero hours, minimum wage jobs that in the UK, this is only possible because of mass immigration - how has this improved life for most people?

Finding Me:Mo

That is almost exactly what this idiot said on 29th January 2014 , he was not telling the truth then and he is not telling the truth now.

Finding Me:Mo


Jersey States has revealed a new population policy - to limit immigration to 325 people a year.

The temporary law would give the government more control over the number of migrants coming to the island.

Assistant Chief Minister, Senator Paul Routier, said: "We are controlling the number of licences to non-locals.

"But it is important to keep a level of immigration, so that we have a workforce that can support an ageing population."


It will be interesting to see how many new non tax payers settled here in 2015. Judging by the traffic the numbers will be high.


*Sorry should have said how many new non tax payers arrived in 2016*

Finding Me:Mo

It was 325 ( cough!)


All Routier EVER says is to infer that something will be done about something, sometime in the future by somebody, in a serious sounding voice. Nothing of substance whatsoever. The man is neither use nor ornament. All this tells us is what we know anyway: the COM have no intention of controlling immigration as they have to keep their buddies in the building and development industry happy. That in a nutshell, is Jersey's 'immigration policy'.

ol' timer

This is taking the proverbial. Much too little and 30 years too late The horse has long bolted. Is it a wonder that people just don't bother to vote anymore

karaoke joe

We can only wait and see .At this moment they are only words.


Joe, how many years have we been waiting so far?


A bit late isn't it!

That council of ministers always cracks me up!

good evans

Could this statement be any more vague or nonsensical? What we need is a strong and well defined immigration policies that sets limits that will be adhered to - not this lip-service waffle.

Finding Me:Mo

Well try this wonderful 'nonsense' from our glorious leader to support this new 'initiative'.

The Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, said “The Council of Ministers want Jersey to be one of the best places in the world to live – this means protecting our environment, having best public services we can achieve, and encouraging a more productive economy that benefits all Islanders. We do have much more to do, and this initiative to better focus migration fits absolutely with this vision of Jersey.”


What a load of rubbish - the huge amount of traffic is not 'protecting our environment' let alone the building everywhere. Every time we, as tax payers, need any medical treatment it involves paying, the cost is high and the standard is low. It is cheaper to fly to the UK and get better specialists.

We avoid St Helier like the plague, filled with immigrants pushing prams, benefit tokens ensure the payment of benefits.

Then we have the never to be truly let finance quarter ............

Is anywhere more mismanaged?


Same olde chestnut every year and nothiing is ever done, boring now. All talk and no action.


What we need is a new goverment, as soon as possible. Though I am afraid it is already to late.


Idiot...what about the immigrant contractor who brings his mates over to work on various jobs....they stay at friends in no social tax.!...instead of blowing feeble hot air,do something constructive,like getting off your backside and do spot checks on various sites...wake-up.! ! !


Hear bloody hear, so many loopholes and other pursued avenues of not so legal activities in Jersey, I explain to visitors of the island that I live on a rock of Edam cheese


Has Andrew Lewis of Reform Jersey made any comment yet?

I thought these Lefties wanted us to let everybody in.

Squawkie L Pelican

Paul Routier, what's his job then? There are so many useless do nothings in the Big House i'm beginning to lose track. Is he the news recycler? ooh blimmin eck, I've just noticed, he's the Grand Whopper's butler.


I think we need to focus on what they say, every time this topic receives air time, and the words are "ageing population". Do they back this up with facts and figures, that we do for some reason have the only ageing population problem in the western world if at all? They always through this into many discussion as if it's set in stone.


I've read through the current law. It's a marathon and even includes a whole section if a Gurkha wants to live here. I think the law is already pretty tight and the problem is that there is not enough control. What are the port of entry controls? Does immigration monitor every flight and ferry or just a few? How many have been stopped and sent back in the past 12 months?


No facts, no figures no sense from Senator Routier who supports the Chief Minister, but this is exactly the skill level required to get to be an assistant chief minister, and he fills the roll perfectly.

This is still not his finest moment. When wheeled out to answer the question in the States on how much did the secret trial cost the taxpayer, he said it is a secret. The states member then said no we are not interested in the trial details just the cost to the taxpayer. Answer from the outstanding intellect of Senator Routier " it's a secret " Obviously the right person to be made an assistant Chief Minister for the chief minister, not the people that elected him.

Finding Me:Mo

The CoM volte face has started a day after the ' confirmed new policy( unstated)' seemed to come from our Harry H Corbett operated Assistant Minister,

The idea that Jersey may not become the setting for the remake of Blade Runner ( the original was set in Los Angeles 30 years in the future and set in a worrying 2019) has been dashed.

The IoD want unfettered immigration to maintain our living standards and tax income.

Chamber of Commerce want freedom to employ as much cheap labour as they need.

The farmers cannot afford to pay £9/hr because of the fertilisers and insecticides they need to buy.

But the Biscuit has to go to John Shenton ( yes he is one ) representing some aspect of the finance industry." I don't mind spending an extra 10 minutes in my car coming from the east into town if it means I don't have to pay more income tax".BBC Jersey

Has bean

Whatever happened to the law that if you were destitute and could not support yourself one was deported from Island the next day! Problem solved. QED.